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7 days ago
Scent 1.0
Aztec Noir by Carlen Parfums

Aztec Noir„ugly for the sake of ugliness?”
A few seconds of grapefruit leads to a stench of burnt copy paper. Distant cousin of Comme des Garcons' Odeur 71 with all of the oddity, none of the charm. I'm not sure what this is supposed to communicate, or how it is to be enjoyed, but, half an hour...

7 months ago
Scent 5.5
Meyer Blooms by Royal Apothic

Meyer Blooms„all bloom, no Meyer”
The name, "Meyer Blooms," made me think there would be a substantial amount of Meyer lemon, but I can't detect any. This is a perfectly pleasant white floral, about which I can't say much because I hate white florals. Should have just been named "Blooms," so as not to mislead.

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Notes sound great, but this is a standard synthetic Aquatic with Legrand's usual "old-fashioned" powder. Revolting.+3
Scent 3.0
Starts as lovely floral woody musk, but then the lily of the valley stomps all over it and declares itself THE WINNER. Ow, my head!+4
Scent 4.0
Sample smells like a Natural Lauder Youth-Dew! (Which I love, but not in summer.) Will report back after trying it in cold weather!
I've worn ATB constantly this summer. I don't particularly smell specific notes, but I crave its cool cleanliness. Inoffensive & crisp.+2
Bottle 8.0
Sillage 6.0
Longevity 7.0
Scent 9.0
Rosewood & cedar, dry & calm. Don't know why this didn't get more attention - maybe too understated.+3
Mustiness and industrial liquid bathroom soap. Obviously, this scent hates me.
Scent 2.0
Simple, cheerful, bracing. If you feel a bit tired or want to feel like you just showered, try this citrusy charmer with a hint of herbs.+2
Bottle 10.0
Sillage 5.0
Longevity 5.0
Scent 8.0
Odd/gorgeous. I smell quinine and creosote, neither of which is present and neither of which is gorgeous. Cannot explain my love for this.+2
Scent 10.0
Hint of lime balances the sweetness. Wouldn't mind a whiff of this on someone else, but can't stand wearing it due to its fakeness.+3
EXOTIC essence? Nah, there are dozens of peachy fruitchoulis out there. Pleasant enough, but could not be less exotic, actually.+4
Scent 4.0




SeeroseSeerose 57 days ago
Sorry I just discovered your answer under my review "The Empresses of Japan" I'm registered at the German Parfumo.de. That's why we did not get any message when somebody on the English Parfumo.net wrote an answer. But now this seems to work? Thanks for your answer. And I will notice the scent you mentioned. Greetings, Seerose
OPomoneOPomone 8 months ago
"Mieux vaut tard que jamais", as the French saying goes.
Thank you for your sweet words, PBullFriend :-)
MonsieurZoloMonsieurZolo 19 months ago
Thank you (。^‿^。)
HermeshHermesh 2 years ago
Thank you for the compliment! It's not always easy to translate them from German but I'm trying my best. :)
KareninKarenin 2 years ago
Thanks for the warm welcome and kind words! :-)
GuusjeGuusje 3 years ago
Hi there < 3
Just wanted to let you know that I do a scent related project again on YouTube :)

SMELL & TELL NOVEMBER ----> You can watch the TRAILER hereL https://youtu.be/LjmZlufUH4Q
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Not only about perfume, but just Guus being Guus: rambling about everything and anything ;)
Hope you will feel inspired by SMELL & TELL NOVEMBER!
xoxo Guusje
FhaldaraFhaldara 3 years ago
Thanks for the welcome, I'm enjoying the site!
ScentedSalonScentedSalon 3 years ago
Thanks for reading my blog. I like your dogs.
GothicHeartGothicHeart 3 years ago
Since the rest of the Greek text reads "She's hiding her ears under her hood, for she doesn't want anyone to know that her parents were the first rebels. But deep inside she's proud of herself.", I guess that the part of the story we were never told was probably this one.
GothicHeartGothicHeart 3 years ago
Tentations is actually more like eating a juicy pepper-sprinkled peach (enter eccentricity), as a snack accompanying a vodka-quaffing spree, in the middle of a garden laden with intoxicating carnation bushes. And speaking of kitsch, I think that its bottle is the exact opposite, since it would be the perfect movie prop container for holding a potion hanging from an oriental princess' belt.