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This starts with a gentle vanilla and dry smoked wood (the copaiva?) but immediately turns to take on a sweet cereal grain note that reminded me of Parfumerie Generale’s Une Crime Exotique. (UCE, while beautiful, grew to smell sweeter and sweeter to me, until I couldn’t wear it any more. Mercifully, Petits Papiers is less sweet.) At 6 hours, it is back to a soft woody vanilla, a real comfort scent. It’s a good choice for those of us who like our comfort scents unsugared.

My dear perfume friend Sherapop refers to the nose behind this scent, Alberto Morillas, as "Chemical Albie." And, smelling this, I have to agree. This is horrible synthetic crap which gives the impression that the creator has never even smelled a photograph of a flower, much less a flower itself. I've had it on for less than 20 minutes, and it's time to scrub it away.

Woodstock has an impressive list of notes, all things I enjoy. West Third is a bargain brand, but some of their stuff is really excellent. So I had high hopes before splashing this on. It smells like sharp, random, vaguely masculine chemicals -- the very cheapest aftershave you could create -- with some extra powder in the head notes. It made me feel rather sick, and I scrubbed it off after a couple of minutes.

I like the notes listed in this one, and the bottle is so cute. And I love marzipan and heliotrope notes. Sadly, when I actually sampled it, it made me think of the worst of industrial bathroom soaps. The only note listed that I'm not fond of is orange blossom, so naturally it's the orange blossom that punches me in the nose here. A sickening experience, and I'm jealous of the nice experiences other reviewers had.

I'm surprised this gets so many negative reviews. Perhaps it just likes me. I get a pleasant coolness throughout, enhanced by a surprisingly true blackcurrant note. I've tried many scents on the basis of their blackcurrant notes and have been disappointed when the blackcurrant is either weak, hints at urine, or smells like I'm wearing blackcurrant pastilles. This goes in an entirely different direction than the original 4711 but, to my neroli-hating nose, it's a better one.

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As someone who grew up near the Atlantic but now lives far inland, I love the salt-and-sand genre of perfumes and have tried many of them. When done well, they are a vacation in a bottle. Sadly, few of them reach that level. Un Air de Bretagne unfortunately does not smell realistic at all. It reminds me of a cheap body spray that I bought many years ago and wound up using as a bathroom spray. A much better Atlantic scent, to my nose, is Miller Harris Sel de Vetiver. I used to be such a fan of L'Artisan Parfumeur, but it has been a long time now since they have put out anything I find full-bottle worthy.

I don't know how I stumbled across this sadly discontinued beauty. I think of C&E as a company that generally produces solid, pleasant floral scents that appeal to mature women. This is more creative and artistic than I would expect from them, which may mean that it was discontinued because it didn't fit in with their target audience. As my review of Bulgari Red Tea notes, I like its sharp, tannic notes that cut through humidity. Himalayan Blue is a softer tannic scent, with a pronounced but unsweet creamy rose note and a hint of leather. While the Bulgari's sharpness is better for the very hottest days, the elegant Himalayan Blue is suiting me well today, when summer isn't technically over and a bit of humidity still hangs around but I'm starting to tire of the simple scents of summer.

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A few seconds of grapefruit leads to a stench of burnt copy paper. Distant cousin of Comme des Garcons' Odeur 71 with all of the oddity, none of the charm. I'm not sure what this is supposed to communicate, or how it is to be enjoyed, but, half an hour after applying, I'm done with it and must scrub. Also, what's with the typeface on the bottle? Is its ugliness meant to warn us of the ugly contents within?

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The name, "Meyer Blooms," made me think there would be a substantial amount of Meyer lemon, but I can't detect any. This is a perfectly pleasant white floral, about which I can't say much because I hate white florals. Should have just been named "Blooms," so as not to mislead.

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When I first put this on, it was very weak. I had to put on a lot just to smell it. That gave me a hint of citrus and a lot of something metallic. It dried down to fake orange flavoring with a hint of sweaty feet. A couple of minutes later, it was painfully metallic. Even if it had become pleasant later, I would have refused to undergo the first 5 minutes, so I scrubbed it off.

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