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I don't get any of the leather or spice here. Instead, I enjoy a minute of highest-quality lavender, followed by a minute of rootiest orris. Then, they merge to form a delicious Jordan almond infused with lavender water. Some powder and iris, a suggestion of almond and lavender, and a pastille's hard candy coating. My formula for this scent: (L'eau d'Hiver + Hiris) x 1/3 = Bucolique

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I know the perfume companies have decided that the Bad Girl is "in" nowadays. She's Guilty, she's Poison Girl, she's Good Girl Gone Bad! But really, Jimmy Choo - this girl isn't Illicit. She's drinking a cup of tea her grandmother made, trying to get over a cold! For the first hour, she's ginger-honey tea with a bit of synthetic chemical lurking unpleasantly in the background (possibly whatever they're using for sandalwood here). After an hour, the potency of this scent is so much that I have to scrub my arm to get it to quiet down. Then I realize what this is - it's Estee Lauder Sensuous without the black pepper and mandarin! Sorry, Jimmy. I liked Estee's version better, and her perfume had a more accurate name, too!

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Fresh and pretty like a forest. I smell some similarities to Andree Putman's Preparation Parfumee. It doesn't really develop but stays soft and outdoorsy for about 6 hours. Sadly, it's only detectable @ 4”. Still lovely at 2” (nearly putting my nose on it) 5.5 hrs later. Lack of sillage is really the problem for me.

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When I first put it on, I felt a strong wave of synthetic chemicals. I thought it would actually be "not bad" if it were the scent of a mosquito spray. After half an hour, though, the hugely artificial scent was just too much for me, and I had to scrub it off. Someone (was it Sherapop?) has pointed out that whatever perfumers seem to use for "peony" is a very harshly synthetic scent, so perhaps that's the culprit here. I see that others gave this a much better rating than I would have, so maybe this only grinds on the nerves of some of us.

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I bought this because it was inexpensive and claimed to have a blackcurrant note. After wearing it twice, I'm pretty sure that the blackcurrant is a myth. All I smell is a generic but not unpleasant vanilla, similar to that in many BBW scents. Early on, there's a strong generic alcohol note that doesn't smell at all like rum to me. Just another pointless scent - maybe BBW has to have a certain number of releases every year, so it makes a few up out of nowhere. Those who like an inexpensive "warm" vanilla-alcohol scent for winter should try Queen Latifah's Queen instead.

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So gorgeous, clean, cooling, & calming! In summer, I sometimes just pour it on myself & splash it on my sheets. I've seen bottled waters that were more expensive than this! (On US eBay, it's usually around $11, shipping included, for the jumbo 10 ounce plastic bottle.) I hope that Puig never reformulates this - it's 75 years old but better at what it does than some colognes created this year. Bravo, Puig!

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With listed notes of musk, orange, and cedar, I hoped that this might be a less-expensive version of Hermes Eau d'Orange Verte.

Instead, to my surprise, it turned out to be one of the many Light Blue types. My favorite scent in the Light Blue category is Moschino Cheap & Chic I Love Love, which adds interest to the wear-anywhere women's citrus scent category with a dollop of redcurrant. I'm not actually sure I could tell this from ILL if I were blindfolded. Its main difference is that, after an hour, I also get a soft hint of the vinyl note from Byblos Cielo. (Vinyl isn't listed in either scent, but my nose says it's there.)

So, there's nothing to dislike about Dream Island/Isle de Reve, and you may want to look into it if you can't find an affordable bottle of I Love Love.

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The edt and the oil of this are extremely different. I gave this a high rating because I enjoy the oil so much.
I bought a decant of Onyx edt from the Surrender to Chance sample website. The edt took me to the bedroom of a teenage girl in the 1970s. (I have been to several such places - I think this was a composite of several rooms.) I smelled an open pack of cigarettes, a hint of coconut suntan lotion, some dust balls under the bed, and a hint of burned incense. (The girl probably lit some to hide her cigarette smoking.) It was a lovely bit of reminiscence and made me a bit wistful, but it wasn't especially how I wanted to smell. It had mostly disappeared in two hours.

The oil, though, brings back a carefree day at the beach in the 1970s, with Bain de Soleil orange gelee slathered on my warm skin. (This was in the days when suntan lotion didn't even contain SPF ratings!) Coconut and wood and sunshine - really delightful! Today, I put a dollop of it at the base of my throat before going to work and was still smiling at its sunshine smell when I left the office. It greatly brightened a cold, rainy day, and I think I'll be using it for that purpose throughout the winter. It's also quite a good value - Luckyscent carries a 1/8 oz perfume oil in a pretty little container for $45 USD, which ought to last any but the most extravagant applier a long time.

I enjoy many of the L'Erbolario scents and consider this company to be one of the really bargain perfume brands. Most of their scents are well worth seeking out despite their rarity in the US. I got a sample of Accordo Arancio at Surrender to Chance based on its lovely note listing.

For the first five minutes, it was a pretty citrus-green along the lines of Thymes Mandarin Coriander. After that, the ylang-ylang appeared and kept getting bigger and bigger. In less than half an hour, I could no longer stand it and had to scrub. I do have a very limited white flower tolerance, so white flower lovers may enjoy this more than I did.

Two of my favorite - and most-worn - scents are Origins Ginger Essence (still widely available in the US - $59 for 100 ml at Sephora) and Crabtree & Evelyn Sarawak (long-discontinued - about $100 for 100 ml on eBay). Both combine warm ginger and cool citrus in a beautifully balanced way that I find suitable for almost any time and almost any temperature. (Sarawak is a bit more complex, with notes of rice and ginseng easily detectable.) Compagnia delle Indie's Ginger Dust (Polvere di Zenzero) lists significantly more notes than the other two (10 to GE's 4 and Sarawak's 7), but it smells significantly less balanced and sophisticated than either of them. Ginger Dust also has extremely weak sillage. It's pure ginger, detectable only at 3" for an hour or so. It's cheaper than either of the others (when you can find it in the US), but isn't worth it if you have to pour it on constantly and don't enjoy as good a smell when you do.

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