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Golden Light Wood is a warm, yet refreshing woody white floral- likely to appeal to anyone who finds Alien attractive, but too intense for daily use.

With my chemistry, orange blossom usually dominate and drown out everything else- but here, it is playing a masquerade! I smell jasmine and violet, but they're not listed here- puzzling!

There is a pleasant juxtaposition between soft, warm heliotrope and the sharper woody and citrus notes- the result is a delightfully wearable scent with incredible longevity.

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Orange Star is a bit puzzling- usually, on me, orange blossom notes tend to shout so loudly that the others get drowned out- (eg. Poeme, La Chasse aux Papillons)...

but in this oddity, orange blossom seems to be hiding- instead, I get a deep honeyed wood and ambergris- the overall effect is hypnotic. Alien Liqueur is similar, but Orange Star seems to stick around longer

Potency and longevity are outstanding- on a par with anything from Serge Lutens and Thierry Mugler

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I would never have tried this fragrance had it not been for the helpful SA- since I don't usually gravitate towards celebrities-

But WOW! I love this scent!

On me, it progresses nicely from gardenia to tuberose, and the dry-down is a lovely soapy orange blossom. I love the way that each of these white flowers gets to take its turn at the microphone, because orange blossom notes often drown out all others on me.

An added plus is that it has gotten me more compliments than any of the other frags in my wardrobe.

Longevity is excellent, and the price is right, too-

I like this far more than Fracas, which I found a little overbearing and matronly.

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I'm not one for signature scents these days, but if I was forced to choose only one fragrance for the rest of my life, this would be my pick-

This is a refreshing, well-balanced fragrance which is never over-powering, yet has fabulous staying power-

On me, violet plays the main melody line, while non-indolic jasmine and woods provide a soft harmonic accent. The aquatic notes are from the deep woods, not the beach.

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The immediate top notes bring to mind the otherworldly jasmine note of Alien- from that point on, the jasmine note almost immediately recedes, and it morphs into a sweet, warm and soapy yet sensual vanilla musky concoction with incredibly good longevity.Since I'm a lover of jasmine in general and Alien in particular, I was sad to see the jasmine dissipate so quickly, but the scent is growing on me all the same-

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Is it just me, or does Love, Chloe smell like a rose? How can it be that there are no rose notes listed??

I'm a big fan of florals, but this one just didn't wear well on me- in the same way that I would prefer a tailored men's styled white shirt to a ruffly blouse- this just smells too "frou-frou!

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The first time that I smelled Leiber, it made me think of the dearly departed Crystal Aura by Avon, because it shares a common rare trait- a rose dominant fragrance that I like, probably because, like Crystal Aura, Leiber is sparked with some peppery notes-

Now that I'm spending a bit more concentrated time with it, I'm picking up a lot of mimosa- which I am almost positive is here- it is giving me more of a Miller Harris Coeur de Fleur vibe, and also reminding me of the bouncy femininity of Dior J'adore EdP-

The longevity and potency of this fragrance is impressive- I think it wears very close to the skin, but I can smell it in my "aura space" having used just the tiniest amount almost 12 hours ago.

The dry down is powdery, almost marshmallowy vanilla

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Having just made the acquaintance of Alexander McQueen's My Queen a few months ago, I now have a sense of her ancestral lineage- so if you like My Queen, you'll be pleased with Heliotrope Blanc-

Heliotrope Blanc is just gorgeous- powdery sweet, vanilla with petals-

The longevity is incredible! 12 hours later, I can still smell a little cloud of heliotropic bliss around me (and I only used a smidge!)

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Fracas is a very well-made white floral, in which tuberose, carnation, and orange blossom dominate. I get a hint of spearmint and sweet bubblegum too, interestingly.
Although it has the reputation of being a classic femme fatale scent, I get a totally different vibe from it. To me, it is a fragrance that says "respect me- I'm a lady".

If you're a fan of chypres and don't like jasmine (you know who you are), then look no further- this may be exactly what you're looking for- jasmine gets choked out by the green mossy overgrowth-

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