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Parfumo 2 years ago

ParfumoHow should James Bond smell? Interview with the publisher of the CHAP-magazine Gustav Temple
During our winter trip to the south of England, we managed to arrange an interview with Mr. Gustav Temple at his Lewes office, just a few miles north of Brighton. As the publisher of the CHAP, the hip men's magazine for a classic British lifestyle, he seemed to us to be a competent...

Parfumo 3 years ago

ParfumoWe did it! 100,000 fragrances in our data repository makes Parfumo the most comprehensive encyclopedia of perfumes around
With the inclusion of the 100,000th fragrance, Parfumo ushers in the new year on a high note. "Obsessed for Women" by Calvin Klein is our jubilee entry and was researched by OPomone. This remarkable milestone marks Parfumo's dedication to serving the online...

Parfumo 3 years ago

ParfumoThank you for your perfume photos!
Dear Parfumos, Thank you for your continued contributions to the photo gallery! We are proud to have some truly remarkable perfume photography on display for fragrance lovers to enjoy as the result of your efforts. As this feature continues to gain in popularity, we hope the following guidelines will be helpful: The flacon and packaging...

Parfumo 4 years ago

ParfumoCocooning Scents - Interview with Sylvaine Delacourte
Dear Madame Delacourte, for years you were as much part of the Guerlain family as Thierry Wasser is, and now Guerlain is just one of your two main passions, for launching your own fragrance line recently has become just as important. What made you take this step?I belong to a family of entrepreneurs, I think they have...

Parfumo 4 years ago

ParfumoInterview with Victor Wong - The creative mind behind Zoologist
First of all, what gave you the idea of launching your own Fragrance Brand “Zoologist”?Back in 2013, I wasn’t very happy with my career and I felt very insecure and frustrated. I guess that’s what people like to call a “mid-life crisis”. Lots of people making politics and decisions that led to nowhere....

Parfumo 7 years ago

ParfumoSave Perfume’s Soul – a petition to protect the future of fragrance
Dear Fragrant Friends, As some of you know, perfumery is currently at a critical juncture, and we need your help in order to assure that the hobby we all love is not slowly destroyed by well-meaning but misguided legislation. The problem began in 2009,...