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5 years ago - 08.01.2018
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We did it! 100,000 fragrances in our data repository makes Parfumo the most comprehensive encyclopedia of perfumes around

With the inclusion of the 100,000th fragrance, Parfumo ushers in the new year on a high note. "Obsessed for Women" by Calvin Klein is our jubilee entry and was researched by OPomone.

This remarkable milestone marks Parfumo's dedication to serving the online perfume community, where a search of the net for information on fragrance will often lead to this site, given the vast size of our fragrance directory. With over 100,000 entries to more than 7,000 brands, the platform provides a reliable source of verified knowledge of perfumes that is hard to beat.

Parfumo, which was founded at the close of 2008, has been successfully operating according to the Wikipedia principle for five years now. Interested and passionate members are constantly researching information on new releases as well as supplementing and revising existing data. In total, well over 1,500 fragrance aficionados were involved and contributed more than 200,000 sources to Parfumo Research. A diligent and outstandingly committed core team ensures that our standards are upheld so as to provide us with us with the most up-to-date and well-documented database entries possible.

We would like to take the opportunity to express our sincere and warm thanks to all members of the research team! Their continual dedication to supply us with new and comprehensive information from the fragrance world not only made this landmark possible but also greatly advances our fabulous community! Members and visitors alike benefit from the wealth of information an unprecedented database offers, today and in future.

We anticipate another exciting year of fragrance launches documented and detailed by our terrific community. In addition, we are especially looking forward to December, 2018 as it marks Parfumo's tenth anniversary!

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