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"The Relation Between Motion and Energy" – Interview With Kris From Kinetic Perfumes + Giveaway

Kinetic Perfumes is a new fragrance label and has taken on the mission of transforming inspirations, memories and emotions into beautiful and luxurious scents. Parfumo asked the founder a few questions.

What inspired you to launch Kinetic Perfumes?

The project was born many years ago and naturally matured until it was implemented. I was inspired by the first contact with niche perfumes during the Esxence fair in Milan. Since then I started to explore the secrets of perfumery. At that time, I did not know yet that after 7 years I would create and launch my own brand. My enthusiasm and curiosity turned into a passion and the passion into a way of life.

What does the word "Kinetic" in the brand name actually stand for?

Kinetics is a dependent relation between motion and energy. The scent that we wear and the movement of its molecules around is a form of kinetic energy. Just like music, painting or sculptures, the scent is a kind of artistic energy born of feelings and memories of its creator. Our perfumes are kinetic with a strong emphasis on the performance. They have a high oils concentration which significantly extends their durability and enhances projection to share emotions with the surroundings. We want to set up the kinetic character to be the ID of the brand.

How do you achieve that a perfume awakens memories and emotions?

We identify olfactory sensations mainly by comparing scents to memories, places, events or people…

Each of our creations has a story behind which is based on unique inspiration but the final interpretation, as in case of poetry or painting, belongs to the final recipient, It is very personal. I always highlight that we create emotions and it is priceless.

Six fragrances make a debut within the brand. Tell us a little more about the creations.

Yes, our brand was launched in February with 6 scents and the 7th composition will be ready soon. It is special because it is the nose Mark Buxton who created it. All our compositions contain a certain message and history. As I have mentioned, we can share the story and explain it, but the final reception and interpretation is very personal. We want our fragrances to be niche, i.e. made to the highest standards and unique.

The bottles look very simple and elegant. What makes a beautiful bottle for you?

I like the minimalism and I identify with the motto that often less is more. We wanted the brand and products to have a minimalist character but luxuriously made of the best quality ingredients. A specially designed magnetic closure creates an impression of dynamics and protects the bottle against damage. Modernity has been combined with a timeless tradition and craftsmanship spirit. Simple and classic bottles discreetly hide what is most valuable.

What is your favorite perfume of the brand?

I take all fragrances very personally and just like for parents it is impossible to indicate a beloved child.

Daily I use VERDIGRIS and KAYU and for evening occasions I always reach for SILLAGE which is very sensual and seductive. VERDIGRIS is a modern, chypre fragrance that can be worn anytime, anywhere and matches perfectly. KAYU, depending on my mood and daily schedule, is perfect for less formal meetings where casual dress code is allowed. It is very sensual and may be perceived as too seductive during formal meetings. But it is not an aggressive fragrance at all and gives great wearing comfort.

I use UNREAL for very special occasions, totally new and unknown that have never happened. This composition has an unreal element, the second nature of which needs to be discovered. You have to approach this scent many times not in an obvious way, which makes it unique.

I love the scent of AURA and L'UNA on women's skin, it's like a good omen that portends something positive. Both fragrances, especially L'UNA, are the embodiment of femininity ,but happens that men reach for both fragrances too. That's the beauty as it shows how different the interpretation and development of niche fragrances on one's skin can be. I am very happy to share my personal impressions.

Thanks a lot for the interview!

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