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5 months ago - 07.09.2022
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"Violette" and "Santalum" - Chloé Expands "Atelier des Fleurs" Collection

The French fashion label Chloé expands its exclusive perfume collection "Atelier des Fleurs" with two new creations that celebrate the scents of sandalwood and violet.

For this series, Chloé always relies on renowned perfumers who put their favorite flowers or plants in the focus of an exclusive creation and share the unique story they associate with them.

For "Atelier des Fleurs - Santalum" perfumer Marypierre Julien, was inspired by a fan made of sandalwood, which her grandmother had brought back from a trip to Australia. She remembered how the precious item perfumed a room with every movement of her hand. The distinctive perfume, with woody notes and milky accents, has made sandalwood a symbol of sensuality, capturing all its softness, gentleness and timeless elegance.

Fanny Bal remembers very clearly the moment of her childhood when she was captivated by the violets that bloomed in her family's garden. For Chloé, she took this strong memory as an opportunity to create the perfume "Atelier des Fleurs - Violette", which combines powdery notes of violets with a delicate touch of freshness. This composition evokes the scent of fresh petals, as wonderfully discreet as her eponymous flower, which is the embodiment of modesty.

The perfumes are available in 50 ml and 150 ml bottles.

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