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PerfumeLoverPerfumeLover 7 years ago
Killer Queen's Royal Revolution - Katy Perry

Killer Queen's Royal Revolution Royal Revolution? More like AWARD WINNING revolution!
This fragrance is very different from her previous releases. This fragrance is more sweet and floral. My favorite from her line.

PerfumeLoverPerfumeLover 8 years ago
Rise - Beyoncé

Rise Shake loose!
This is a very interesting perfume. Beyoncé's perfumes are usually very heavy and this is one of them but very mature. A lot of people say that smells like coffee, I would have to agree with them, but it is really powdery. It opens up with a very...


DonVanVlietDonVanVliet 8 years ago
I'm a subscriber of your YouTube channel, I really like your video reviews! And thanks for mentioning Parfumo ;)
ApiciusApicius 9 years ago
Hello PerfumeLover, a very warm welcome to Parfumo!