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PetraAPetraA 4 months ago
Malìa - Nobile 1942

Malìa Marjoram flower fruity chypre
Malia opens with fruits and florals with a distinct marjoram flower note. Marjoram here smells like the fresh flower not the dried leaves you tend to buy for cooking. It immediately takes me to a herb garden. Fruits are a mix of flavours...

PetraAPetraA 4 months ago
Amour de Palazzo - Jul et Mad

Amour de Palazzo Seductive date scent
This is masterfully blended concoction by Dorothée Piot. None of the notes jumps out but all dance perfectly together. At first it feels very simple but on wear you will know that this is a complicated formula very carefully created. Different...



JosefinaJosefina 6 months ago
I am happy to say thank you, Petra. You willingly reserved the perfume for me and the communication with you was also very nice. I am satisfied that I can meet a new, reliable and lovely perfume here too❤️
ScentDaneScentDane 8 months ago
I had a really great experience buying from Petras souk! Great communication and fast shipping. A real pleasure!
DonVanVlietDonVanVliet 8 months ago
Hey Petra, welcome to Parfumo!
SalahharakeSalahharake 8 months ago
Keep those great reviews coming!