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This fragrance has a very pure extra dry, extra woody and dark sandalwood note, but not heavy, the spray is versitile, can be choosen how much to put and its no stop. A very soft mist that screams quality, super dry, woody amazing stunning sandalwood and around some little nuances of rose, vetiver, incese and other notes but you won’t pick anything else but a so beautiful sandalwood which has a special spiritual character, pure class and elegance. 0% alcohol...this is amazing

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This is one of the most complex fragrances I’ve ever smelled.
First of all I want tko say that you need to be an expert, this fragrqnce requires experience to be understood specially by a man. In the case of a woman , its nutmeggy cinnamony vibe sushi imperial like vibe might grab their attention without need to go deeper in the observation of this fragrance.

The longevity is very good, the projection is avarage, very soft but here comes the magic. It is so ALIVE and so ClEAR and complex and juicy that it would not bother you.

WARNING : do not apply on your arms or wirst. It would disappoint you and provokes some nausea if you smell it too close. Put 2-3 sprays under your neck and let the magic developpes.

This fragrance takes you on a journey, the quality is stunning. The sandalwood dose in the original formula is embarassing and out lf this world. But the sandalwood is so natural and super creamy, also it is at the first stages soffocated by this vanilla carpet where a long list of single notes will make a defilée and show up at different moment. If you pay attention you can smell them even of they are so deep and well blended.

This fragrance evokes also lots lf memories, its an aura of happiness, it calms you down, a great fragrance , more than a fragrance, a ritual! You wear it ..you are happy, you want to celebrate life, you want to have a drink with your soul to celebrate life and your happiness.

Great for a relaxed date with friends, family, gf or bf... sl complex and innocent at the same time.

Wow I cannot stop describing it. Im in LOVE ! Its so alive...feels like you can talk to it while it is under your neck

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This fragrance really made me fall in love at first sniff but for some reason I did not like the dry down more juice and bright than the stunning opening which still lasts 1-2hours and its great.

monster longevity and performance 3 days after 3 showers! great sillage this is a bomb.
sexy fragrance abit retro.
if you are a man who can wear Memoir Woman or Jubilation Woman or Musc Ravageur or Cinnabar, etc.. then this one might be for you

very dark sexy and mysterious

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Woooowooooo welcome to the club Of thkse who try to copy or exploit the aventus success ( no sorry I know you haven’t done it on purpose mr.Vilhelm ;) )

But ! I dont want to sound like an Aventus defender or offenser. This first part was abit ironic, come on after all I know that everybody likes when a fragrance is compared to aventus.

Now lets focus on the differences.
Well this is a fragrance not too special and its not worth a real review. All I can say is that it lasts sooo long, its linear and smells like a burning candle of Mancera Cedrat Boisé. That exact same smell you have it here but in addition there is a creaminess around like a wax.
Great perfume which will make you stand out get loooots of compliments but if you are looking for something original, interesting, complex, special and not for everyday then look elsewhere.

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First of all this house surprises me everytime and not in positive or negative. Its just so particular the way they make perfumes.
They are not serious ( like ELDO ) and also they are in your face and bombastic ( like a few malle ) then they have a freshness in background ( like creed ). This one would be a cup of tea for those who like Geranium pour monsieur, Esprit du tigre,..also it has potential to smell like what you would expect from viking somehow.

It stars hyper strong but not in your face...a super trail around you filling up every room in the building you are walking in but is not aggressive or bad. The smell in the air is pleasant , slightly bubblegummy mentholed but in real there is a super fresh fennel accompained by other synthetic and bombastic ( still good enough to be standed btw ) notes of powdery cinnamon, bergamot and aniseed but soon you will be left with only this fresh slightly anised note of fennel sticking on your skin and being perceived for many hours. Maybe the vinyage vertion was even more potent I dont know..

Overall for its price this can be part lf your collection. Its a funny fragrance to wear, pleasant but in a bombastic way somewhat what creed might do but slighlty more mature and refined. The sillage is monster and very invasive all the people would smell and recognize you.

Age wise..it doesnt seem being to hard to wear but this is overall a particular interpretation of a fougere so as age group I would suggest 25+ it works well dressed up with confidence When you want to be protagonist Without smelling like those fabulous but hard to understand other scents.

This is for me a winner for the pricetag , much better to buy this than many of the super hyped tobacco vanille or bois d’argent etc..

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This one has exactly the same elements of the original Satin Mood, if you like the first you will like this one also ( if you are a guy ) or maybe even more. This smells exactly like satin oud but without the ambery sweetness ( that sometimes can remember of a stinky cheese because of the violet note combined with it ) in this one you have a stronger oud note and a stronger alcoholic violet note but both mantain the elegance and the polished character but the violety on my skin is very pronounced and super strong like one spray and all the people around were starting moving away from me, but this is nothing new because the strong violety lipsticky element is the same as in the EDP so if for you that one worked I dont see why this one shouldnt and vice versa.

So take satin oud , pump it with more of that violet note, give abit of more oud and take away the sweet vanilla and amber accord. The longevity is ....( listen well ) BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL,
Satin mood lasts on me for more than one day but this one not only does the same but its even still projecting the next morning from your skin with only one spray.

Is it more masculine or more feminine ? I think this is more masculine than the EDP but its soooo strong and I see this fragrance smelling annoying because is very strong and linear, it kills people around you even with one spray and again is not pleasant as might be ALEXANDRIA II from xerjoff or FARS. Its straight to the point fragrance very direct.

Versitility I see this one being wore not too often because it might annoy people around you, maybe suitable for a night dressed very well and feeling rich, smart, wise and careless of other people opinion. Not that its daring like a barnyard oud might but is in definetly more daring than the EDP.

Overall a very beautiful unique man elegant fragrance from MFK but there are many better balanced and also unique fragrances out in this category, check the new Xerjoff, check vintage Amouages, check Parfums de marly, check Roja

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I tried this after being suggested by the shop assistant and I did not hesitate to show my wirst and spray it directly on my skin.

We have been talking and talking and the fragrance was pushing very strong leaving a strong solid woody salty vibe which remembers me of Sel Marine because is something very close to being nice but has a strange smell in it.
Soon the woody element becomes harsh like The smell of those benches of wood used to carry products for the stores and the supermarket, very dirty crunchy wood and not smooth at all.
But the performance by the way makes you soon understand the quality of this juice which is finally an Amouage again after the last reformulations of the world most famous ones.

I left on my skin solid 6 hours, but very solid hours, was a real pleasure and always there present and never getting too much close to the skin.

The drydown is better. More pleasant, more mossy and warm with a light patchouly.

Overall might be a mature scent but has a minty touch that keeps it a neutral fragrance, therefore not easy to fall in love with.

I believe that this fragrance is unique and might appeal someone who wants something unique and easy to wear for himself but if you are just looking for a fragrance of character then You will find in this one at least one thing which you would change.

Me personally I am intrigued and attracted by this negative aspect and I might consider buying a bottle.

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I remember when I first started the fragrance journey, I hated tobacco vanille, and hated café rose ( and many others ..) I happened to smell this fragrance again 2 years later in a period where I am searching for good roses, good oud smells and still finding nothing that blows me away.

So this did, what a class, romantic, elegant, for a night out, a date but also suit and tie because it has saffron and spicy elements in it. I love this sooo much wow and perfectly unisex, works better if you have blue eyes , blond hair and white skin thou
Longevity above avarage very very good !

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Parfums de marly is one of the best niche brands, their fragrances have a very good quality and and special character. This one is my favourite together with oajan. It is unique, not a masterpiece by any mean but the opposite it is a niche version of a mass appealing musky freshness. The pepper, the musk, the freshness and the spices are so well made and super powerful with an orange leaves background this stuff is super versitile and super sexy , good bye creed Silver Mountain Water!

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Miel de bois is part of the Lutens line , the original, not the recent one... he was the best perfumer ever, the first lutens are truly amazing , artistic, malinconic, long lasting, natural smelling and so complex and unique like no other perfume ever ! Now many have been discontinued, some other reformulated brutally with synthetic s**. I had the change to smell the vintage miel de bois. My gosh...never smelled anything similar. Balanced in a way that I think nobody would be able to nowadays. The sweetness, the woodyness, the waxy honey, the flowers, everything blended so so well that when you smell this you don’t believe your nose.. its unusual for the present time where we are used to perfumes done just for fun and business with synthetic notes where one stands more our than another.

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