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8 years ago - 30.09.2014
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Does Size Matter?

Yes, I say, it does. But not necessarily the bigger the better.

Talking of perfume bottles here. So, have a look at this link:


Andy Tauer has another wonderful ROSE scent. But good things come in small packages. The strong perfume is housed in a 10 ml roll-on version, and that at an affordable price. So, they will sell, that is good marketing.

Gone are the days where we saw huge Guerlain Aqua Allegoria bottles. With the economy being what it is, those bottles invite for sharing, otherwise, add still another huge bottle to an existing large collection?

I just had a mishap with an order to Kuwait for one of the Guerlain Aqua Allegorias. Instead of the specified Ylang & Vanille, they sent me Lavande Velours. I don't want that. Back with the bottle to Kuwait, with ugly postage charges and forms to fill out. Oh, the pain.

If it had been a smaller bottle and a smaller cost, I would not suffer now.

Generally speaking, in today's market, with the abundance of offerings, smaller sizes sell. The risk is less.

That's my point.


Update - a few hours after this writing, the ROSE Flash is sold out already. Wow. Perhaps it was priced too low. Amazing.

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