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9 years ago - 04.08.2013

How do I love thee ... let me count the ways

Ever so often, by some sort of happenstance, I come across a scent that is - at least to my nose - absolutely outstanding. The pursuit of the Holy Grail has long been abandoned anyway, as there is no such singular scent because the preferences change as we go on forward with scent experiences, either chosen or accidental.

Which is this wonderful perfume, you will say. Meet "La Route d'Emeraude (2012)" by Isabey.

Ever since I sniffed the sample from dear member Zora, I have been smitten. I wrote a review which is just a few bare words as a result of my first impressions.

Under this link Gaia Fishler describes the impact better and more eloquently -


A far away place is the concept of marketing. Fine and good and certainly fitting.

My eager hands would want to hold the full bottle immediately and - forgetting all reason - indulge into the heavenly pleasure again and again. But there is a practical solution, at least for the time being. AusLiebezumDuft has a sample program. Their samples are generous 3 ml spray vials - vials that work. The minimum order is four (4) plus shipping costs depending on the country. A comparison with ThePerfumedCourt where the precious "La Route d'Emeraude" is also available in graded vial sizes, gives the order to Wuchsa, all costs compared. Often, by the time the decant is used up, the fancy for the perfume has diminished, and if not, then full bottle is justified.

Love it.

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