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I am about to go crazy

between my thoughts about the Petition which I promoted and still am in great favor of ... and the scope of realities setting in. The thought provoking article of Kafka (who writes so eloquently) sums it up better than my blog here. My words are those of an average consumer.


Starting 2015, the whole matter will have been pushed through and somehow resolved. What to do now? Start buying back-up bottles? Add them to the already abundant collection which will last longer than a life time? Push the panic button?

And then, the silly labelling prospect! Who reads the labels anyhow? On one of my bottles, "APOM pour femme", the glass bottle bears the name and the bottom has certain numbers, a next paper encasing just bears the brand name, but then the final outside carton is overflowing with chemical ingredients listed, as required by law. (Thus, after discarding the paper packaging, I remain with a bottle.)

Besides, did I stop long and actually read the list? Do I have chemistry background and can decypher those potent ingredients? No, I just sprayed happily the gorgeous scent and trusted maitre Kurkdjian and his perfume house that I would not get sick from spraying such a thing.

So, if fine luxury perfume bottles ought to be labelled and the consumer be warned and informed, and please read every chemical illustrative word, then what about laundry detergents? Pick up your huge plastic bottle inside the supermarket as you find it on the shelf, and study it because, beware, it could include some allergenic components and harm your family.

It is bordering on the ridiculous! Everybody knows that cigarettes can give you (will give you) cancer, and yet ? There is a Surgeon's General bold warning, and yet, people smoke one stick after another.

And people will spray ... Maybe they will scan the warning on the perfume packaging - the so-called full list of chemical ingredients - with their smartphone, as digital information can be packed smaller and made more convenient than print.

Scan away ... probably while driving, when you are not busy texting. (Just kidding.)

Ha ha ha ... vanity fair on a large scale. I can only scratch my head.

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