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In Praise of Parfumo

So, what does a perfumista do with too much time at her hands ... peruse the fields of the Parfumo club. Go to the Section of highly rated perfumes and pounce upon "Vaniglia Sopraffina e Rhum" - 8.9/10 ... hm, hm ... something to consider.

Go to the particular perfume page and on to the Inner Island website - http://www.myinnerisland.com/

Pick the English version and start investigating. Lovely. Yummy. Must have.

Find the section for stores - oh, most of them are in Italy. But, then there is one in Germany.

Over to the German side - www.parfumo.de and to their Parfumerie-Fuehrer (an assortment of worthwhile stores) and voila, there is La Schiller (the only German store on the Inner Island website) and a thorough member description of it. http://www.parfumo.de/Parfumerie/La_Schiller

And after that, I took the plunge and ordered "Vaniglia Sopraffina e Rhum". The Schiller website was professional and the order went smoothly.

Without the Parfumo reviews (on the German side) of both the perfume and the store, I would not have had the confidence to order an item without sniffing.

I doubt that so many noses can be wrong if they appointed this vanilla scent with such a high rating. After all, our members have fine noses.

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