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Steal of a deal

M. Micallef scents are rated rather nicely by the Parfumo community and I myself have "Art Collection - Rouge No. 2" in full bottle and a decant of "Watch - Time for Love".

Based on that I jumped on a deal of which I will supply the link. It is a blind buy but I believe that the clean notes of Pomelos (a grapefruit type) and the iris may be to my "fresh from the shower" taste.

The price is a song and there are only 4 left. The reason is that here you are paying for a refill. So you don't get the fancy M. Micallef bottle - but you get the content. Fine and good. I have done this before with other perfume purchases and I wish there were more opportunities to get a simple refill of an expensive perfume. Who cares about the bottle? Only if you doubt that the content is NOT the same.

The reviewer in this link speaks well of the whole matter.


Good luck if anyone dares, also. I have already jumped.

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