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The Internet Trail

When you buy from ebay, do you follow up who the Seller really is? I believe it would be reassuring to have at least an idea of who the Seller is. That does not say anything about the perfume you are buying, but still.

So when you pay with PayPal, there is a clue who you are sending the money to. Without mentioning names, let me just say that from that payment clue, you can then put that information into the Google Search and find the person who is sometimes on Facebook with amazing details. Clearly that helps.

There is no hiding anymore.

Besides that background information, there is still no guaranty about the product sold. Well, let's just hope that the small bottle of Guerlain's "Aqua Allegoria Ylang & Vanille" I ordered from a lady is in good condition. It is supposed to be NEW.

The last order to Kuwait, see my recent blog article, misfired. They sent me "Lavande Velours" instead. That person, too, I found via the Internet and on Facebook. Great sales talk in their confirmation letter. But no reply from customer service. They lost me as a customer. The logistics to mail the wrong item back to Kuwait - had they responded for an exchange - simply were too much on my nerves and wallet. I don't cry over spilled milk and made short process. I will never wear that - don't like the aroma. So, into the kitchen the bottle went, to be used as room spray. Oh well ...

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