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The next M. Micallef adventure

After the disaster with the "Pomelos" No. 21 imitation, I am still a believer concerning the true perfumes of this great house. Apicius mentioned that a refill does not go with the image of this maker of luxury items. Luxury is single, is special, is rare ... the item is coveted. This link shows a video of the makers.


Now on my list is the delicious scent of "Watch - Time for Love". I am absolutely smitten. Sometimes a fragrance speaks to me and there will be "no stone unturned" to acquire it. Right now I am using a generous decant of a fellow member and the level of it is sinking after many sprays. Off to the research of major brick and mortar stores - Oh, yes, they have it, plus sales tax! Off to e-bay ... yes, it is there, at discounted prices.

And then there is that tester. Photo looks good. Seller has a high rating. So with the nice discount, I bid on it. As soon as the seller realized that there is an interested buyer, the price went up, shot up. Noooo I said, you don't mess with me. And I cancelled my bidding. Wait three days, have it bookmarked, and keep watching. Sure, the price was lowered again and this time my purchase went through. I am not mentioning names, this is not advertising.

The purpose of an auction is to keep the prospective buyers hooked and interested.

When the "Watch" tester comes in, I will compare it to the decant of the real thing, and let you know. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Love that perfume.


Update: The tester came. There was nothing wrong with it. The manufacturer's code was at the bottom of the bottle in black ink. The cute thing is that the bottle is adorned with a little watch in the front and the dial is actually working. Of course they could not set it on any particular time as the perfume is sold in different time zones. The smell is fabulous. So what, the bottle does not have a cap.