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Where is the limit?

I've had this hobby of perfumery for a few years now. The smells remind us of moments, feelings, makes us lift our spirits and sometimes also makes us be melancholic.

In my journey within the perfume industry and thanks to the boom that we have experienced in recent years with many people commenting on Youtube, pages like this one we have, Facebook groups and other community one finds or knows perfumes that we can call "not suitable for all audiences".

Without a doubt the ones that have surprised me the most (in the bad sense of the word) have been those with very marked animalistic smells. Also with very marked fecal odors.

I have always understood perfumery as a pairing between carrying an aroma that pleases you and an aroma that pleases the person you are going to have next to you.

But with this type of perfume I have been very surprised. Some of them I have only tried in the perfume shop but with others that are so acclaimed by the community I have been encouraged to ask for some samples from colleagues in our souk.

I don't think I've ever been given a compliment before, but on the contrary. That is, they told me it was that unpleasant smell. I repeat, I can understand more complex smells and even that they are a bit challenging. But with some perfume it has been a totally opposite effect.

I can't get over my amazement, I encourage you to discuss among yourselves this type of perfume with such complicated aromas. And give an answer to the question of the topic. Where is the limit in complicated, animalistic or different smells?

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