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PlasmicPlasmic 3 years ago
September Morn - Byblos

September Morn Boozy Dark Leather
At least that's what I get. I was expecting the encre noir vibe and I didnt get it. What I got was a alcohoolic pungent in your face opening with some smokey-ashy undertone. It settls after 30 minutes into a low projector but more tempered boozy...

PlasmicPlasmic 3 years ago
Tsar (Eau de Toilette) - Van Cleef & Arpels

Tsar (Eau de Toilette) Sample to Bottle
Tested years ago, purchased this year a full bottle. The 1ml sample I had, lived with me in my memories all this years. It's different, in a very elegant manner. There is nothing that feels more green, wet, mossy and alive than this fragrance, to my unexperienced...

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I don't think it's the best "EVER". It's just good enough. I hate trends and hype so much that even if it was really majestic I wouldn't buy
Lovely, natural but on the sweet side, very unpretentious and elegant.
Fruity, cold, a bit sharp, sour and salty, tempered by a mild red apple that gives roundness and complexity.


AntonioPORTAntonioPORT 2 years ago
I could not be more happy with this deal that we have just made. Distance was never a problem and communication was always there. You are a great member of this community and of course I definitely recommend you for any deal here.
Wish you all the best!
Greetings from Portugal.