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Platinum1Platinum1 6 years ago
Mahon Leather - Floris

Mahon Leather ~ Gentlemanly Leather ~
Words of a perceptive scent suggestion enveloped around me as the soft gentlemanly leather came to life under my nose. With two sprays it's notes were now opened all on trial for me to judge and examine while walking in the brisk New Years...

Platinum1Platinum1 7 years ago
Geir Ness for Men - Geir Ness

Geir Ness for Men ~ Heavenly Norway ~
~ A taste of Norway in a niche scent at a very modest price. This to me is heaven on earth in a bottle. It evokes what surely only an angel on a cloud would smell like pure perfection yet ethereal and invisible. The descriptions of masculine...


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YAY it's you!!! Good to see you here as well.
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Wow, my favorite fragrant gentleman is here! HI!
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Hello, and nice to see you here! Hope you enjoy our lovely little community!
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Well, hello there my fragrant friend! ;)
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Oh I should post a new picture of Molly. She's starting to get her curly coat back. Such a happy girl!
NikkRouse10NikkRouse10 8 years ago
Fancy seeing you here!!
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Thanks all for the warm welcome! Very nice place you have here with a great view!
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Welcome to Parfumo! Nice to see you join us here. :)
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