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Platinum1 8 years ago 7

Uni~Sex Exclusif
As my first venture into the elite Exclusifs of Polge's creations the quality and blending of ingredients in this bottle is simply breath taking!
This velvety smooth warm comforting patchouli scent evokes in me the touch of a beautiful woman that I've never met.
The long lasting longevity and perfect sillage waves of Amber and Vanilla carries me around the world to the place in my dreams where she exists.
For my nose when the powdery almost boozy floral notes comes into play it intoxicates my senses of this fragrant mysterious women.
Coromandel has infatuated me not with just her perfectly blended chain of notes but even more so with the image she evokes in me that is, she is, within reach every time I spray.
~ Platinum my friend you have met your match and she is Coromandel ~

Platinum1 8 years ago 6

Pour Monsieur ~ Chanel's Gentleman
Absolutely stunning Chanel! I thought I would never find a true classic my nose would be drawn to without labeling respectfully "old man vibe" but Pour Monsieur has done it. I do believe this will compete with my first love Platinum Egoiste as my "Upper Class" formal scent? The lemon balanced with the oakmoss makes this a real charmer that just oozes with Gentlemanly style in any decade or era.
Over All ~ 9/10 on first wearing! Maybe higher on the second?

Platinum1 8 years ago 3

BdC ~ Versatile People Pleaser
The top notes of this sparkling grapefruit/ginger juice by Chanel will turn heads as you walk by! The vetiver/cedar basenotes created by Polge will give you a happy sunny glow that will make others smile. A "Versatile People Pleaser" that will compete with the best niche scent for your attention!
Scent ~ 9
Sillage ~ 8
Longevity ~ 6
Q. If this Chanel is so generic why are there so few smell alikes?

Platinum1 8 years ago 4

CPE ~ Polge Masterpiece!
To me this is the "Quintessential Men's Fragrance!" Everything from the strong tasteful name itself to the simple elegance of the bottle design. And what's inside is pure class in glass with it's very fresh and floral notes. Grouped as a Woody Floral Musk to my nose this is better labeled as an Aromatic Fougere. Mr. Polge definitely found his western target market with his revised Egoiste formula from Chanel. After all it is still routinely recommended and reviewed even now twenty years later as one of the most versatile all season Signature scent's a man can reach for. In today's world of endless aquatics and candy sweet gourmand's CPE is still the strong fresh and clean fighting man left standing!
Scent ~ 10
Sillage ~ 8
Longevity ~ 8

56 - 59 by 59