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Platinum1 7 years ago 2

~ Masterpiece Composition ~
~ Elegant does not begin to describe the notes that waft from this masterpiece! The deepest powdery amber, light peppery rose and a faint citrus come together to create the epitome of luxurious formal scent. Ambre Nuit is so sophisticated I feel guilty as the sillage catches my nose while wearing a casual shirt on a lazy day at home. This review shows you can praise a scent and admire it's composition but my search for the next bottle to join my modest collection goes on. Alas this floral and patchouli cologne creation after a generous sampling is not for my personal taste.
The journey continues ....
Kind Regards, Plat ~

Platinum1 7 years ago 3

~ Royal Poetry ~
~ A review in poem ....
On a high back leather chair in a library you evoke my mood ~
Like a smoke filled lounge room your notes play jazz, rhythm and blues ~
Your sophisticated sillage of spice and woods mingle with pepper and subtle oud ~
Intoxicating some may say sexy sandalwood and elegant musk in a three piece suit ~
I found you harsh at the very first spray how far away from my fresh lavender have I strayed
Cedar is dominant here but never impolite only pure suave smooth masculine class all in a Creed regal flask ~
Kind Regards, Plat ~

Platinum1 7 years ago 6

~ Exotic Aramis ~
~ A complimentary Calligraphy from another continent could not have arrived at a better time of the year. The winter here in my corner of the world has refused to give over to spring and that is what I found in the two seasons of this Aramis! To my nose a dominant dark spicy oriental that blends seamlessly with a submissive emerging floral. The day my grateful sample arrived I spritzed my wrist cautiously wanting to savor the moment. The darkness of of the Myrrh caught my nose first and left me wanting more. It wasn't until I took a walk outside into a swirling breeze that it all opened up and even as a strong man I was left weak in the knees! I sat down on the deck to take in this beauty from across the Atlantic. Like hand written poetry the perfume flowed into a lyrical composition of a long lasting flowery myrrh. Swirling Saffron and Rose complimenting the smokey resinous darkness seemed all very exotic to this fresh aromatic Chanel lover. As always I easily imagine lovely images compliments of my nose and this magical elixir evokes in me an exotic dancer desirable, mystical, seductive in her movements behind her veil of Turkish delight!
Kind Regards, Plat ~

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~ Opulent Rose ~
~ The beauty of an initial impression review is you are relaying how a perfume is making you feel in the moment only! And what lovelier SL than La Fille de Berlin to express that moment. From the blood red juice inside to the velvety plush red rose this is real and being there. Holding that bouquet of long stems with all their greenery behind your back at her door. Very feminine in composition but as a man I would wear this only to the most formal of tuxedo occasions. Opulent, lovely, realistic, breath-taking maybe? My first love is Gris Clair and Lavender but this is something special a classic beauty! The plush red petals are linear here of course and exactly how I would want them to remain. With very muted subtle notes of pepper as a supporting cast this generous gifted sample will linger in my memory of desires for a longtime!
Kind Regards, Plat ~

Platinum1 7 years ago 2

~ Blowing Kisses in the Wind ~
~ As a man let me be one of the first to review what "French Kiss" evokes in me! As I love smells all smells irregardless of label and when I am fortunate enough to incidentally or on purpose be blessed with a feminine 'fume I feel compelled to give a man's opinion to my fellow perfumista's. And my "initial sample impression" of this Guerlain is the scent of youth an eternal youth in a woman perhaps evoked by the candy sweet fruitiness. I think any women of any age could wear this and capture a youthful image and still be a proper discreet mademoiselle!
For me and the images in my minds eye compliments of my nose. This is a long distance slightly fuzzy iris blown kiss that is hard to catch. And I see a woman with a girlish charm teasing and whispering on the wind while holding a small bouquet of flowers tossing the peddles into the waves giggling as they fall. You desire to kiss her aura of litchi but your lips are happily left empty as her soft sillage wrapped in raspberry sweetness escapes! But she'll be back always back in another future perfume dream.

Kind Regards, Plat ~

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