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This is a really interesting piece actually. Because at least for me, its something completely new.
Its sweet, woody and musky scent, with an amazing bottle and also amazing sillage and longevity (lasts even after washing).
First feeling: woody musk
Second feeling: becomes more sweety, woody aura still remains
Another feelings: becomes more musky and soft, still with sweet woody aura around.

Some say that it reminds them some very expensive scent called Baccarat Rouge 540. Cant judge because I dont know this one.

Well I decide if its a good fragnance or it just reminds me some washing soap or something. But one thing I know for sure, I had to keep smelling to my wrist. I just had to. Try this on your own, I guess not everybody will appreciate this piece.

Honestly, its such a nice fragnance.
I sometimes feel it on my uncle (I do not have so much money to buy a scent for such a price), so I will describe my feelings when I feel it on him.
It actually starts with sweetness, combined with cuir and then with saffron. After a while, it becomes more and more weak, and there can be felt mainly cuir. Its very warm fragnance, makes me feel safe (dont know why, haha).
I think its mainly for men, it can easily underline their masculinity.

Once I had an oportunity to try this piece and it was much sweeter on me than on my uncle. I do not have very acid feromones, so thats maybe the reason. It was nice, but sometimes it felt too much strong on me.

Anyway, for that price I would except stronger longevity, cant help myself. If it cost less, I would definitely buy this one. Main reason would be, its sweet and mysterious, maybe a little bit smoky.
For THAT price, well...

This scent is very fresh and floral.
For these who love roses, this will be amazing, because roses are the main chords of this scent.
Then it becomes the more fresh part, but it still comes back to the roses.
Sillage is above-average.
Gender: for women in my opinion, cannot imagine I feel roses on a man. Dont understand why is this called like unisex.
Longevity is cca 3-4 hours on my skin.
Bottle is btw really elegant and its the part I like about this fragnance the most.
For me, this scent was a little bit dissapointment. Because it dont lasts for such a long time like other fragnances do. Still, it can be nice refreshment to a hot days.

It´s really good. Simple. Musky.
There are combined musky notes with citric and creamy notes with rose. All of this, is like a dream and it makes such an amazing result.
When you wear this, it will definitely underline your feminity - I will not talk to men this time, because for me this its fragnance only for women - and you will feel more hot, mysterious and passionate.
You can imagine some kingdom, where you are a queen... If you are not into there metaphores, doesnt matter. This piece is just so creamy, feminine and also very floral, that you as a woman, who goes through her goals, at least should try this piece.
However, if you are not into intense, spicy or typically oriental fragnances, try this, its worth it. Musk is musk. Perfect, soft, creamy, but also intense and feminine.

I actually like this version a little bit more, than that spray version. In my opinion it´s a little bit stronger and more mysterious and more "chocolate", but it´s maybe just my feeling.
However, like I wrote about spray version, for me, its not over-sweetened and I can feel non-cheapy milk chocolate. Its surrounded by vanilla, but only by the way that vanilla makes sillage of chocolate much better.

If you are a gourmand lover, you can definitely order without previous trying.
After a 2 hour cca, it becomes more soft, musky, and there comes vanilla-part of the whole story, but its still chocolate, dont worry :)
On my skin, it lasts cca 4-5 hours, but then there can be still felt some chocolate aura. For that price, its quite good, above-average I would say.

When I bough this without knowing how this actually smells, I was a little bit afraid. But I chose this piece according to ingredients and in the end, it was a really good idea.
For gourmand lovers - this is actually a chocolate dream, because that dose of a pure chocolate, mixed with a little bit vanilla in the background, is just... like wow. It surprised me well and had to order another one, because once you, gourmand lovers feel this, you want more and more.
Like in real life, when you taste chocolate, it is really hard to end eating.
This piece is not actually so over-sweetened, I also do not have a feeling like this piece is supposed to make something like a cake from you. Definitely not. It´s chocolate in its pureness, in the vanilla aura. If I was supposed to classify the chocolate, it would be probably a milk chocolate, but not some cheap one. That´s why I said it´s not over sweetened, because it´s really not.
If you are a gourmand lover, you can order this without previous try, without any worries :-)

I actually like this one and don´t understand why does this have such a low rating.
Ok, then.
It´s spicy by "Lattafa´s way", which means it´s just perfect and non causing headaches or whatever discomfrontable. At least for me. And this piece is quite gourmand, I can feel honey (or something like that, not sure) there, honestly there is definitely something, which makes me sneezing to this over and over again. Juicy aroma goes along this scent all over the time.
Sometimes I have a feeling it´s a little bit dull. Anyway, for that price is quite a good scent.

When I first smelled this piece, I was like OH MY GOSH, I am hungry.
Eh, well. Then I started to think about it a little bit more!
It´s definitely gourmand piece, do you know why? Because there is a chocolate. Let me introduce you another ingredients of this gourmand and juicy scent.
Black orchid, bergamote, fruity tones, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla.... and chocolate.
I am not really fan of typical women-scent-only, but this is really good fragnance. First feeling was - chocolate. Then - orchid and fruity tones. These fruity tones are actually in the background and after a while they become more and more intense. But not with an annoying way. These fruity tones are mixed with these floral tones. In the end it makes a really nice combination.
It´s not over sweetened or causing headaches, but I can´t help myself and it reminds me a little bit one fragnance, expecially loved by women, because I can feel this one almost on every second lady. I can´t really tell you which one is this, but this breaks that feeling definitely. It´s a great scent. Really. Even for a person like me, who is often allergic on women-only perfumes, but imagine you want to feel a little bit special with these scents and you realize that it reminds you something, which has every second woman. I cannot tell it´s the same. No, it´s not. It´s good piece for a good price. Worth trying.

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Opulent oud has also such an amazing bottle, but this time in black color.
I wonder if creators of these perfumes though about it just like me, or it´s just my fantasy, but this scent is really black. Let me explain.
There are some similarities to blue oud, but the fragnance is also really different. It´s heavy. Very spicy (but not causing headaches), with oud and sweet tones in the background. It reminds me a little bit their collection Oud al Khuloud, but it definitely depends on a nose. Oud al Khuloud is more gourmand and I can feel honey there, which I can´t feel at Opulent Oud.
I personally prefer Blue Oud, it´s more sweety and soft than this one. It´s more masculine scent, elegant, smoky and mysterious. Good to suit or some more elegant clothes.

This is not a joke. Everytime I wear this scent I feel like a baby.
Great musky fragnance, intense and sweet. So innocent
I love it. Mainly for women I think. Maybe I would say its gourmand, dont know why. Perhaps because of this sweetness.
Back to baby times...

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