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18 months ago
Scent 10.0
Avicenna Myrrha Mystica by Annette Neuffer

Avicenna Myrrha Mystica„The stuff that perfumed dreams are made of. ...”
Upon spraying I smell rose, myrrh and beeswax, deep and sweet with a little fresh, green twang from the petitgrain and citrus. As it warms on my skin the cinnamon and a little cardamon show themselves along with more resins and creamy...

18 months ago
Scent 7.5
Patchouli Essentiel / Pure Patchouli by Acorelle

Patchouli Essentiel / Pure Patchouli„A quick, pick-me-up mood enhancer. ...”
An almost edible patchouili, therapeutic and comforting. A bit boozy with some good bourbon whisky. Plenty of warm, earthy and ambery patchouli sweetened up with fine vanilla. Seems like it also has some tonka in it to me. I really like this and it’s...

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Each time I wear Narcissus Orientalis I'm blown away by what a stand out amazing, gorgeous, decadent perfume it is. I can't get enough of it+5


Hiram Green Slowdive, A...
Hiram Green Slowdive, A...
Music for my nose ~ Ann...
Music for my nose ~ Ann...
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Hiram Green Arbolé Arb...
Slowdive Hiram Green, P...
Slowdive Hiram Green, P...


PolyanthesPolyanthes 17 months ago
@Exciter76 - thank you my dear, and ditto :-*
Exciter76Exciter76 17 months ago
Hi Polyanthes! It's lovely to see you over here! As always, I'm enjoying your reviews and your photography!
EstherHebeEstherHebe 17 months ago
Hello Polyanthes,

Thank you for your reaction...you smell the Patchouli but in a soft way...it's a very well blend perfume with different layers. I think it's not masculine but I love masculine perfumes so maybe I'm not the right person to judge...:-)) if you like a prominent Patchouli perfume you have to try the Patchouli from Reminiscence a strong but also a sexy one...my husband use this one and it smells heavenly by him.
Have a instructive time here on Perfumo there's so much to learn and try about perfumes...

Regards Esther
PolyanthesPolyanthes 18 months ago
Hi ScentFan, thanks for the welcome!
Yes, Hiram Green is wonderful. I will definitely look at Bogue, DS&D I know a little - thanks for the heads up. Marina B perfumes are very lovely.
I've been sampling Annette Neuffer's perfumes most recently and they are awesome, I'm completely smitten and besotted!
Now I can't support any blind buying mind you (although I've been guilty of it myself once or twice ;-) But I hope you have a lovely time with those samples.
ScentFanScentFan 18 months ago
Welcome, Polyanthes. I am enjoying your reviews. So much so that more than once an impulse to blind buy—which I thought defunct—emphaticakly stirred as I read. Resisting, but hauling samples in. Yes, Hiram Green is brilliant. I’ve tested them all. If you haven’t found them already, you might check out Bogue and D.S. & Durga, two more niche houses busily walking on fragrant water. Off for a look at Marina B. etc., and relook at Miller Harris!
PolyanthesPolyanthes 18 months ago
Hello Centifolia, Thank you - It's very nice here, I'm having a lovely time.
Hope you are having a wonderful day :-)
CentifoliaCentifolia 18 months ago
Dear Polyanthes, how lovely to see you here, I'm enchanted :o)
PolyanthesPolyanthes 18 months ago
Thank you MiaTrost - it's very nice to be here
MiaTrostMiaTrost 18 months ago
Hello Polyanthes, and welcome to Parfumo! Enjoy the site and have a lovely time!
Fabulous reviews, btw. Thanks for sharing. :)