Users Pyarkaaloo it's amazing how anosmic i become to perfume once i've worn it days in a row! nice to take a break or switch fragrances.. - 8 years ago

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GuusjeGuusje 4 years ago
Hi there < 3
Just wanted to let you know that I do a scent related project again on YouTube :)

SMELL & TELL NOVEMBER ----> You can watch the TRAILER hereL
Daily uploads with lots of information!
Not only about perfume, but just Guus being Guus: rambling about everything and anything ;)
Hope you will feel inspired by SMELL & TELL NOVEMBER!
xoxo Guusje
GuusjeGuusje 6 years ago
Peekaboo ;) xxx How are you? :)
GuusjeGuusje 7 years ago
You here! Yeah!!!! : D
JubliantJubliant 8 years ago
So glad to see you here!!
PBullFriendPBullFriend 8 years ago
Hello, dear potato!;>) Hope you're doing well - would love to hear about what you're doing!
MariellaMmmhMariellaMmmh 8 years ago
Hi there! Welcome to our crazy community! Have a nice time reading and discovering,
Mari :D
TraxTrax 8 years ago
Hi dear Pyarkaaloo! Happy New Year :) I hope all is well :)
Moni43Moni43 8 years ago
Hello and welcome on board!
ShinyAbraxasShinyAbraxas 8 years ago
Hi and welcome on board! Have fun and enjoy the cruise.
FrieMoFrieMo 8 years ago
warm welcome across the big pond.