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FoustieFoustie 9 years ago
Quarry,you are here! And you have a fancy page and points and everything! Oooh, I like your wallpaper. It's fab. You are all fancy. I have just arrived. see you around.
hedonist222hedonist222 9 years ago
hiiiii Quarry#

always good to see you around :)
AmyAmy 9 years ago
Hello, Ms.Q! I noticed your I Love NY for Mothers last week and have been meaning to pop in on you! Very glad you found me, especially with my username switcherooney. Yes, lots of us are here now! This wardrobe is certainly easier to use. Got a load of samples this week and entering them was so quick and easy!

Cannot wait to see you! Only 3 months away, yippee!
KiliwiaKiliwia 9 years ago
Hi Quarry, it's great to see you here!!
DrseidDrseid 9 years ago
Happy to see you here, Quarry! :-)
QuarryQuarry 9 years ago
Hi, AromiErotici--another familiar face!
QuarryQuarry 9 years ago
Ha, ha, Tinctureall. I do require Big (with a capital Bee) hints.
TinctureallTinctureall 9 years ago
Hi and nice to see you here, I think you will like the wardrobe feature. It's very easy to use and will keep you buzzing happily amongst your flowers.
QuarryQuarry 9 years ago
Hello, people! Am I posting in the right place to respond? All new territory to make sense of. Cincy, maybe you knew me at Basenotes or MakeUpAlley. I've used Fragrantica, but never posted there. Thanks for the greetings, Apicius. Sherapop, I'll follow you and your reviews anywhere. No surprise, I'm here cuz BN's wardrobe feature is but a zombie of its former self. I appreciate Grant's efforts and all, but … [insert downcast eyes].
CincyCincy 9 years ago
Waving to you Quarry, I have heard that name from somewhere? :)
ApiciusApicius 9 years ago
Hello Quarry, a very warm welcome to Parfumo!
SherapopSherapop 9 years ago
Hey, is that you, Quarry? Nice to see you here! ;-)