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QuercusAlbusQuercusAlbus 3 years ago
Pegasus - Parfums de Marly

Pegasus Bright & Rounded
The aroma of this is very bright, & also very rounded in the sense of there being no sharp corners or vorsprungen (somehow that word seems to fit better than 'prominences'). It' s one of those 'fumes that seem °slender° on first assay, but transpires...

QuercusAlbusQuercusAlbus 3 years ago
Nassak - Thameen

Nassak Outside the Standard Scheme
Thameen is one of those perfume provenancers I consider to be pretty much unequivocally superb. Their range is not large; but I don't think that apart fræ Xerjoff there is any other provenancer of whom I can safely say that ^everything^...

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QuercusAlbus 4 years ago

QuercusAlbusCapriciosity of 'Fume
It's my understanding that the purpose of these blog-pages is to serve as a kind of °safe space° in which one may unfold one's ideas in a way that would be too unpeacable in the review pages; however, I thought I had better stress that this article explores the connections between the art of perfume-wearing, mysticism, dæmonology, quantum mechanics,...


XanthonXanthon 3 years ago
Hi there, You got to post more of reviews, eagerly await to hear more from you. Excellent take and approach on reviewing a fragrances, almost musical if that makes any sense. Waiting to hear more from you.
Regards, Vineet
AnessaAnessa 3 years ago
Hi there, I'm late as usual, wished to thank you for your thorough reply, I do understand what you mean by the analogy to more complex music and the sense of appreciation rather broadening, instead of shrinking. I admit I don't know the two examples you mentioned (I live under a mossy rock), but feeling/finding joy in 'simpler' things (again), iirc, even is the goal sometimes of artists and philosophers (you'll be more versed in it). When I find a fragrance somewhat 'repulsive'(sounds stronger than intended), it does have a physical/psychological reason that might not say anything about the value/meaning of the fragrance itself. It's utterly personal, maybe even connected to attitudes, and that is difficult to change (lacking flexibility). It's a bit like with violence films - they might be art whatever, I will never grow appreciating them.
AnessaAnessa 4 years ago
Hi, regarding your last question, there is a thread for any kind of suggestions, if you wouldn't mind copypasting it there: https://www.parfumo.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=16
The second question (might be also nice for the forum) - I don't know that many perfumes with osmanthus, don't get on well with the rendered note in general and prefer the Orange Pekoe!
I actually came here to finally reply to your comment on Flash. 'Mental block' and the opening key is a good picture, for perfumes as well as for anything else :) I suppose some can be unblocked if they are indeed mentally controllable, while some might trigger a purely physical reaction. Since I often connect 'personalities' with perfumes, I must tell you it wouldn't be easy for me to willingly unblock certain types that feel like it's somewhat 'against' my nature.
AnessaAnessa 4 years ago
PS. About the first question of yours, I also liked the user's reviews and even though she seems to have moved to her own blog (It was before my time, so I can only guess), her reviews here remain as valuable pieces. IIrc, she hasn't updated the blog for quite some time either.
QuercusAlbusQuercusAlbus 4 years ago
Could someone possibly tell me, if one get-up the list of this-or-that person's reviews, is there a way of listing them according to ^modification^ date rather than ^creation^ date? I don't know what software package(s) this website uses; but it ought to be easy to set that feature - it is pretty-much a default of electronic-data-handling systems (even back unto MS DOS), that files can be listed in either order at will.

Does appear one can't, unfirtunately. Might the administrator consider introducing or enabling this feature? I think it is quite common practice to modify a review, even after a considerable lapse of time. I certainly do.
QuercusAlbusQuercusAlbus 4 years ago
My attention has recently been pulled in the direction of osmanthus as a perfumery note; and I think it might be set to be my chief theme for a while. Would anyone say that its aroma is somewhat like that of a freshly-opened packet of Ceylon Orange Pekoe?
QuercusAlbusQuercusAlbus 4 years ago
Whatever happened to the character ~Sherapop~? 1240 reviews!! Seems she was very popular, & I also am one who likes her manner of disquisition.
MiaTrostMiaTrost 4 years ago
Hi QuercusAlbus, Place your cursor on your user name (top right-hand corner) just as you do upon logout and select settings. Should you face any technical issue, do let us know in the forum. Good luck!
QuercusAlbusQuercusAlbus 4 years ago
I cannot figure-out how to upload an avatar image with this site's facilities. Will someone please apprise me of the way-of-doing it?
Exciter76Exciter76 4 years ago
Hello there and welcome to Parfumo! ;) I'm looking forward to more reviews from you!