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Very rich, very complex, it has the typical smell of the 80’s fragrances in a good way. I find it quite similar with Roja Goodman’s. Great!
Emir Emir - M. Micallef - 3 years ago
Not much talk about this one. But this is a really beautiful fragrance. It reminds me of Roja’s Aoud, however it has its own personality.
Probably the best high end shaving cream smell in the world. Very clean, manly, classy. Now, this is a man fragrance. Chapeau Mr. Cavallier!
The most longevive summer fragrance i’ve ever came across. Some would say that it’s too feminine, but i enjoy it everytime i wear it.
The first niche perfume i’ve ever smelled. Huge amount of cloves and cinnamon in the opening and a sweet vanilla drydown. I still love it!
6 - 10 of 11