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Words can't describe how bad this smells, so I'll keep it short don't waste even £10 or dollars on this monstrosity of a perfume. It is vulgar from the naff bottle to the chemical smell it harbours. Reminds me of cheap market stall knock offs that sell under £5. I'm embarrassed I had this now. No sandalwood is detected just chemicals galore.

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Heard the sad news that Oscar had passed away today so I sprayed this on as a sort of tribute. I really like this one a lot it is very pleasing to the nose with hints of soft spicy ness and bold florals.not so much a powerhouse but a strong scent that is captivating. Silage is thumping for an edt. Also great value for money!

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Caged - Lipsy

Had to get this one because of the nice kitsch bottle ( or maybe tacky :)) also price was very low. Now the actual scent isn't that bad, but it's a typical floriental scent so nothing spectacular. Also doesn't last that long as it's an edt , worth a shot as it's also not tested on animals :) bonus. Perfect if you like soft inoffensive florientals that don't leave a trail behind .

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I appreciate that many people will disagree with me but this is just my personal opinion. Had this for a while now so the other week decided to take the plunge and try it, was put off by thinking it was too classy for me. Really did not settle well on my skin, maybe too oily. First whiff was lemony which I hate so didn't help,then turned to a sort of sour flowery smell. Will smell beautiful on the right person though.
*edit the version I have is the modern one. Will have to get hold of the original one to test

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First off I really wish I was around in the 80s to remember how vibrant it was, alas I was a child of the 90s. Wearing this beautiful scent makes me feel like I'm in the 80s, so intoxicating and alive. All the notes blend wonderfully with the patchouli really shining through. Can't recommend it enough all the other reviews say it best.

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This takes me back to when I was learning to drive. I used to spray it on after getting ready and it just made me feel so confident, don't know why. Not too offensive it manages to last a few hours on me. I smell the spicy notes the most, it's almost a floriental but still too sweet for that. Lovely bottle aswell. Buy it and be surprised!

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Oh boy where do I begin with this?! First off the vintage version is far superior to the modern version. Truly decadent scent wrapped in oriental warmth and mystery. If you love strong oriental/ spicy scents you will love this! Why did they have to reformulate this master piece? If I spray just one spray I can still smell it the day after on my coat it's that strong. Smells of good times long gone by

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I spotted this online at m&s uk in the sale so I bought it. Thought it would be a disappointment as most marks and spencer perfumes are, I was wrong! What a lovely spicy subtle smell this contains, like a burst of sun through the murky uk skies. It helps it contains patchouli which I love :) just realised Fragonard is not made by m&s so my bad

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Lovely rich warm oriental which at first starts off a bit alcoholic but soon settles into a fine smell. A timeless addition which is underrated because of it's make. Yes avon can be a bit hit and miss but when they get it right they get it right!.

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I don't like this one. I think it smells very cheap and synthetic, too many contrasting notes I suspect. Yes the bottle looks nice from a distance but closer it looks really plastic and tacky. Sorry for those that love it, it's just my take on it. Also very clogging and headache inducing. Just realised my review is describing me lol! I'm tacky and synthetic the irony.

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