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RahulESJ 3 years ago 1
Ambre Royal Review | Sophistication in a bottle!
Ambre Royal to me smells very sophisticated at the same time complex. It’s definitely not your classic Amber. Not at all. Its more of a floral amber with a decent dose of Ambroxan and it has kind of peach or an apricot like aroma which definitely comes from the Osmanthus which gives this scent a leathery/ fruity

Ambre Royal oozes class. It’s velvety and lasts long on the skin. It’s a scent that will fill the room and creates this beautiful scent cloud around you when you wear it. ⁣⁣
I wanted to find a scent that smells similar to Ambre Royal but I couldn’t as it’s so unique and has a lot of character. ⁣
I can say Ambre Royal can be best enjoyed in Summer but you can wear this any time of the year and it will make you feel good. ⁣⁣
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