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RanaRayhanRanaRayhan 2 years ago
Gardens In The Desert Sand - Zara

Gardens In The Desert Sand Recommended
This is not less than Sauvage. sauvage is a bit louder but this is juicier. 6-7 sprays are enough for the whole day. This is a winner in terms of price. Satisfied.

RanaRayhanRanaRayhan 2 years ago
Invasion of the Barbers - The Dua Brand / Dua Fragrances

Invasion of the Barbers Barbershop scent? A big no
To me, this is not a good fragrance rather immature. Didn't test MDCI. But if I judge Dua invasion, this can't be treated as a barbershop fragrance. I feel the whole composition gone in the wrong direction. After spray, you will get a harsh...


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