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RaygsokoRaygsoko 3 years ago
Pasha de Cartier (Eau de Toilette) - Cartier

Pasha de Cartier (Eau de Toilette) Classic Cartier
I love spicy woody scents and I prefer my spicy and woody scents to have more...well....spice than wood. Did I mention, spice? Too much, I know but Cartier got this right as a very wearable, daily business scent mixed in with a bit of assertiveness....

RaygsokoRaygsoko 3 years ago
Tabac 28 - Le Labo

Tabac 28 Miami Little Havana
I'm glad Le Labo came out with a tobacco fragrance and I like that they based it off of Miami. The scent delivers you to a cigar shop with dried tobacco leaves. Wonderful aroma. The tobacco is accompanied by cedar and rum with a bit of spice....

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One of my top fragrances albeit the Vintage original EDT but nonetheless, it is superbly blended


RaygsokoRaygsoko 3 months ago
Who has feedback on Bvlgari Le Gemme Empyr? Would love to hear your thoughts!
Thank you
RaygsokoRaygsoko 3 years ago
Looking at Ex Nihilo Amber Sky - thoughts?
RaygsokoRaygsoko 3 years ago
Placing an effort to increase my activity and participation. Schedules get busy so it's difficult especially since I have much to share.
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Hi and welcome to the best fragrance community on planet earth :-)
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I guess my wall is no longer empty......Thank you MiaTrost!
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An empty wall? Welcome to Parfumo, Raygsoko! Have a great time.