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Raythejuice 3 years ago 1
Decent fragrance.. don't really get Acqua.
The opening is really nice. It smells great. I am partial to fruity fresh juices and this one smells really good to me at the initial spray. As it evolves to the mid stage it starts to spice up a bit, and gain some warmth. Still holding some of its fruity fresh opening. As it dries down it really changes directions for me. I wish it didn't. The nutmeg and cedar and a bit of tonka are the main players and the top is barely noticeable. I actually get a lot of cedar at the dry down. Not sure why it's Acqua.. not very aquatic, or cool. Maybe it's the boat that's on the water. A wooden boat. Not a hidden gem, but not a complete bust. Just kind of strange. Still clearing the nozzle. Overall.. decent juice.
Raythejuice 3 years ago 2
Not bad, not amazing.
At first spray I thought a one dimensional Brooks Brothers Gentleman. No lemon and very very clean. Soapy, almost like a dove bar of soap. It does smell nice, but linear and not a whole lot going on. I much more prefer Brooks Brothers as it has depth and character. This is a fresh out of the shower (literally) smell. Clean, not sweet, a hint of fruit (lemon?) freshie you could say. Fougere for sure. I will keep this since it was only $12.99 and spray when I'm running to the store or don't have time to pick something that matches my mood/attire. Not a bad buy, but if you have a lot of fougere (I don't) it's probably redundant. Overall.. decent juice.