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RazvanykeRazvanyke 1 day ago
Coromandel (Eau de Parfum) - Chanel

Coromandel (Eau de Parfum) Pure luxury in a bottle, that last and returns to say hello
I found out about this perfume from YouTube, did not even know that Chanel has the Exclusifs before the Corona times. Here in Düsseldorf, Douglas Kö has the Chanel line so I went there and tried it. OMG what...

RazvanykeRazvanyke 5 days ago
Cuirs Nomades - African Leather - Memo Paris

Cuirs Nomades - African Leather A dry, beautiful museum experience with expensive spices and old leather
Thanks to a lovely Parfumo, I had the chance to try this beauty of a perfume via a sharing. I got my sample today, totally unaware of what Memo is offering, never smelled any of their perfumes: -...


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