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10jflow10jflow 10 years ago
Bought some wonderful samples from Rebella. Prompt shipping and nice conversation. Thank you so much!!!
TeolindaTeolinda 10 years ago
The samples just arrived, thank you so much!! Have a great evening! :D
TraxTrax 10 years ago
Hi Rebella! Well that just made my day! Great to find you here!!! Happy New Year! Big hugs from your norwegian neighbor :) :) :)
RebellaRebella 10 years ago
Well hello there, Icekat. :)
IcekatIcekat 10 years ago
Hi Rebella, nice to see you here. :)
LorilaviraLorilavira 10 years ago
Hi Rebella nice to see you here, welcome to parfumo! :)
RebellaRebella 10 years ago
Hi Guusje! Nice to see ya. :)
GuusjeGuusje 10 years ago
Just w anted to say Hi :)
RebellaRebella 10 years ago
Hej du, men det kunde vara värre. :)
TriplexTriplex 10 years ago
hej hej annelie, hej på dig annelie.....kan sjungas med hej hej monica texten
RebellaRebella 10 years ago
@FrieMo, Thank you. :)
FrieMoFrieMo 10 years ago
A warm Welcome from Germany to Sweden.
Franfan20Franfan20 10 years ago
OK then :) I'd be glad if you read my comments when you got the time and write comments to your scents :) I won the whole pack in a contest and the reviews were very well received in german parfumo. maybe you like them too.
RebellaRebella 10 years ago
@MariellaMmmh, Thank you, I´m sure I will. :)
RebellaRebella 10 years ago
@Franfan20, Thank you. I was very active at Fragrantica some years ago, but nowadays I don´t visit as often. I really like the Virgo from Cnr Create, it´s my fave freesia fragrance. From the male line I really enjoy wearing Sagitarius, which I only have a sample of. I haven´t tried any from the new collection, but I´m curious about them.
MariellaMmmhMariellaMmmh 10 years ago
Have lots of fun,
Mari :D
Franfan20Franfan20 10 years ago
Hello and welcome Rebella. I've seen you got to fragrances of CnR Create. I don't know if you maybe came over from Fragrantica and read my reviews of the new galaxy collection of them. If not I would be very happy if you take some time and read when you found your place in here. Plus I'd also love to hear your opinion about your two scents since luckily enough you got taurus and virgo which I liked best. thanks :)

Have fun.
RebellaRebella 10 years ago
Thank you for the welcoming, Shiny Abraxas. Stockholm is a beautiful city. :) I live about an hour drive south of Stockholm.
ShinyAbraxasShinyAbraxas 10 years ago
Varmt välkommen!
Hope you enjoy it here on Parfumo International. (Like I did last year in Stockholm and it's archipelago esp. Öja. ;)