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RejRej 6 months ago
Majd al Sultan - Asdaaf

Majd al Sultan Sweet sugary smoky vanille
Hi, at the first spray I feel a smell of alcohol accompanied by a not very pleasant synthetic oud. So in my opinion the start is not exactly promising. As the minutes go by, the synthetic oud note subsides and a scent of smoked resins...

RejRej 7 months ago
Extreme Fusion - Zara

Extreme Fusion Zara done it again!
Zara has it done it again! What? A good perfume with an exceptional quality-price ratio! On my nose I feel mainly coconut and ananas. It resembles Paco Rabanne Phantom in its own way. Excellent perfume. Youthful gourmand genre. Beautiful simple...


ElysiumElysium 2 years ago
Ciao Rej, benvenuto! Sono Elysium (Gianluca), uno dei moderatori. Per qualsiasi cosa non esitare a contattarmi. Mi piacciono le tue review, essenziali, dirette e sincere. Bravo, continua così!