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RejRej 5 months ago
Classic Red - Jaguar

Classic Red More than Red Fruit I would say White Woods
Hello everyone, I have to say that this perfume from the Jaguar brand is not bad for what it costs! I personally do not smell red fruits but rather I feel a beginning of bergamot followed by light woody scents accompanied...

RejRej 7 months ago
Black Suede Dark - Avon

Black Suede Dark Really Dark Scent!
Hello everyone, I took this new perfume from Avon not very hopeful of its fragrance and instead I had to change my mind. His juice is black as the bottle in terms of smell. Dark vetiver made modern with a hint of sweetness. Deep scent, very pleasant...


ElysiumElysium 1 year ago
Ciao Rej, benvenuto! Sono Elysium (Gianluca), uno dei moderatori. Per qualsiasi cosa non esitare a contattarmi. Mi piacciono le tue review, essenziali, dirette e sincere. Bravo, continua così!