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Respect2Respect2 7 years ago
Fahrenheit 32 (Eau de Toilette) - Dior

Fahrenheit 32 (Eau de Toilette) Sweet and creamy
Great choice for fans of gentle and sweet aromas of vanilla.Because of vetiver and orange blossom which exist in F32 , vanilla has a sweet cream form.In early moments presence of excessive orange scent may remind you of feminine fragrances but in this...

Respect2Respect2 7 years ago
Aventus (Eau de Parfum) - Creed

Aventus (Eau de Parfum) A cool and ash like, smoky aroma
Contrary to the views about this fragrance,I can barely detect the scent of pineapple.In the early minutes I smell Birch, bergamot and red apple come into my olfactory.After about 15 minutes, the apple scent becomes weaker. The smell...


ApiciusApicius 7 years ago
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