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One of the most overhyped fragrances in the community, but has no wow factor or sexyness. Pleasant and well made but not very interesting
Similar to drydown in Oud For Greatness, caramelized spun sugar with a slight bitterness. I don’t see anything unpleasant about it on skin
Fantastic take on the original X with deeper notes of Licorice, Maple, and Orris. Instant love for me, with similar performance however.
Reverie Reverie - Tom Daxon - 11 months ago
Quite a dry and dusty iris to me, I can see this being very appealing to some who like that sort.
Fate Man Fate Man - Amouage - 11 months ago
Much better, well rounded, and less offensive than I would have assumed from the reviews.
1 - 5 of 23