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Romady 2 years ago 3

I was curious, when I saw this fragrance for €7 on a webshop. Is it really that something this cheap can smell almost similar to a much more expensive scent?
Does it come close? Or will I get this really cheap cloud around me of some louche company?
So I decided to give it a go for this price.

And upon the first few sprays it already hit me... and was blown away!
Unbelievable that for this price, this smells almost identical to Fahrenheit.
Yes, almost...of course.
There are some slight differences. Mainly the quality, longevity and silage.
The quality is not bad, but you just know it's less. For this price.
Longevity was about 5 hours.
Silage was weak. It stays close to you, which isn't bad but could be better.
Also, the scent doesn't develop. After spraying it stays like this until it's gone.

BUT... for what's it worth...
It was unbelievable and I'm amazed. Well done La Rive.
Very well done!