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RomanaFrangiRomanaFrangi 7 years ago
Collection Excessive - I miss Violet - The Different Company

Collection Excessive - I miss Violet Oriental violet
The perfume opens with the really fresh apricots (gourmand form of osmanthus) and classic saffron, very arabic, oriental. After a while comes thick violet creamy fondant. The violet leafs hand-in-hand with the apricots and saffron create the fresh...

RomanaFrangiRomanaFrangi 7 years ago
Action - Florena

Action TOP smell of girls from East block
Action was a top product of communistic perfumery. The Action cosmetic line born in East Germany about 1980 year. The collection included lipsticks, poudre, eyeshadows, eyeliners, lip pencils etc. All products are enveloped in pink...




RomanaFrangiRomanaFrangi 7 years ago
Thanks to all for your welcoming! :) Sorry, I dont know how to respond yet, but I hope I will improve... :)
Have a nice fragrant days!
ApiciusApicius 7 years ago
Hello RomanaFrangi! A very warm welcome to Parfumo! I hope you like it.
RomanaFrangiRomanaFrangi 7 years ago
Hallo perfume world!