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I’ve been in the fragcom now for a couple years and at one point amassed 280 colognes. I know YouTubers who have 3,000 colognes so really 280 is nothing in comparison right?

Where I live in Canada I have to blind buy many of my fragrances (I know I know I never recommend that either but such is life); so my only saving grace at the beginning of my journey (and during my steep learning curve), was to quickly understand notes and accords. To do that I had to buy colognes, read reviews, and become familiar with notes and more importantly how they are blended. Which notes held up well on my skin, which blends or types worked well (for example I found out I don’t like barbershop or fougere). I also know that grapefruit and carnation smell sour on my skin. If a cologne has too much lemon, has too many citruses, or is too herbal the fragrance can smell cheap on my skin.

Everyone goes through there on learning curve, and fragrances are subjective and personal. My personal journey includes giving fragrances away to friends and family when they don’t work for me. The beginning of January is the time every year I review my collection and complete “The Great Purge”! I recently culled my collection down to 173 fragrances. Mostly getting rid of fresh spicy or citrus based fragrances. I really enjoy the winter gourmands. It feels good to give to others. I gave away the fragrances to family and friends.

Sharing is caring!

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