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5 years ago
Allure (Eau de Parfum) by Chanel

Allure (Eau de Parfum)„Oriental Vanilla”
I class this as an oriental vanillic. Super strong and heady, in the genre of Shalimar. Tiring of it, I handed it over to my girlfriend, who loved it up and was last heard complaining there was only now a dribble left in the bottle.

7 years ago
Scent 8.0
Meow! (Eau de Parfum) by Katy Perry

Meow! (Eau de Parfum)„ Meow in the white-pink opaque bottle ”
Lovely, joyful, warm, buttered, fruit and citrus vanilla. Other reviewers find pear in the opening. I find it softly orange - tangerine is a note and it is not spicy but tangy, to cut the vanilla. Reminds me muchly of Gucci's Flora EDP in the warm...


SeatonicaSeatonica 7 years ago
OMG Rubyred,you called Womanity salted tinned cod in brine - fabulous! And they censored you and you told them where to go in no uncertain terms - even more fabulous! Think you're going to like it here :)I'm enjoying your reviews and I will write one on the Givenchy once the weather is right to wear it. I wore some of your Passion the other day and thought how lovely it was - but you know me and boring white florals ;)
HayvenHayven 7 years ago
Great reviews! Keep them coming.
SeatonicaSeatonica 7 years ago
Hi there Rubyred - nice to see you here :)
DigindirtDigindirt 7 years ago
Hi Rubyred, I too am enjoying all the cool features of this site. Have fun!
CoutureguruCoutureguru 7 years ago
Welcome to Parfumo!! Enjoy :) ...
FlaconneurFlaconneur 7 years ago
Welcome to Parfumo, Rubyred. Glad you could join us.
ApiciusApicius 7 years ago
Hello Rubyred, welcome to Parfumo! Have fun!