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Rubyred 9 years ago 3

Just my cup of tea
On first spray this is tart, bright, fresh, clean, green tea. Piquant and zingy enough to challenge my L'Occitane Green Tea. I love teas, and this is delightful. In 1/2 hour, that piquancy fades enough to allow the warm soft hint of honeysuckle to peek through, and gradually the brightness of the green tea is completely overcome by the soft, warm honeysuckle. The experience is lovely. Not long lasting, perhaps 3 hours. Ridiculously cheap. A light and refreshing summer spritz, good for a hot game of squash.

Rubyred 9 years ago 3

A 2 faced wonder
this starts off smelling like cherry cough syrup underscored with orange. Not a harsh, citric orange. A suggestion of soft warm orange. Almost an oriental to start with. thankfully, that's just the opening. It's a bit of work, learning to love this. UPDATE: I threw this out - could not overcome the cough syrup vibe.

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Burberry Brit Red: Warning, Oriental with ginger
This went on my skin sour and tart and sometimes sweet - that's the rhubarb, I guess. It was firey, like a midnight barbeque, sweaty and smoky. Haven't yet found a perfume with ginger I like. Many hours later it did dry down into a pleasant vanillic and gingerbread smell but I did not enjoy this perfume.
Don't consider blind buy unless you love orientals.

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A Great Big Fail for D & G Rose The One
for me this was a waste of money. Not in the sense that I didn't like the scent (it was an okay but very faint fruity rose) but if a perfumier can't make a perfume that lasts the hour, I don't think they should take money for it. Nor does it have any trail, at all. Or is it planned use, like the planned obsolescence of items. Buy a bottle of perfume which is designed to be used up 10 times faster so the consumer comes back to buy another much earlier? A pointless and ridiculous exercise for everyone but the perfume house.
I want my perfumes to reward me more than this.

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Tresor where oh where have you gone
As a young woman, I owned and loved Tresor for its sophistication and elegance and complexity and sparkle. Passing by the Lancome counter today, I thought to once again include it in my wardrobe. On a fancy, I sprayed Tresor on one arm and Tresor in Love on the other.
Just like me, how Tresor has changed. It is now the screechy stink of rotting apricots left in the sun. It is absolutely rank, and it has been rank for the last 3 hours. It must have changed its genes. Or my skin has changed.
Tresor In Love, on the other arm, went on warm, tea-rosy, powdery, blossomy sweet. After 3 hours, it is a sweet, powdery, dreamy, jammy-nectarine, woodsy delight. Much like my Kenzo Eau de Fleur de prunier - plum, which 50ml bottle I have just raced through as a favourite perfume.
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