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AndymionAndymion 50 days ago
Danke für deine Begrüßung. Möge dies Sie an einem hellen und erhebenden Tag finden.
MisiaMisia 120 days ago
Thank you! All perfect! Thank you also for gifts samples!
AliceInFumesAliceInFumes 135 days ago
Dankeschön! :) I'm thankful for your warm welcome.
WinterLaineWinterLaine 7 months ago
Thank you for the warm words! Have a nice day!
AntonioPORTAntonioPORT 8 months ago
You've been great in communication and it was great to deal with you.
Great Souk! Thanks Andrea :-)
IsaraIsara 14 months ago
Wow!!! So many gifts received from you today, together my order!!! Can't thank enough to you, dear friend! Love you!!!
IsaraIsara 15 months ago
You're a great person Andrea! Thank you so much for so many surprises, I can't wait to test them all! Best wishes my friend!
StellaDiverFStellaDiverF 16 months ago
Thank you for the warm greetings on my wall! :) Best wishes.
IsaraIsara 18 months ago
Again a great transaction: happy to try a new nice perfume, but also to receive so many gifts!!! I can't wait to test each of them! Many thanks for your generosity, you are a lovely person! Hugs!
EvKEvK 20 months ago
A bit late...I just read your posts on my wall (I can only read them when I change to German). Thank you once again for the perfume and the samples. I hope to deal with you again! All the best from the Netherlands.