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SLBscentSLBscent 11 months ago
Mauboussin Private Club - Mauboussin

Mauboussin Private Club Down with the summer! Let Winter and colder days come!
I apologize to those who loves summer time! But i want winter and colder days to come just to wear this masterpiece! I’ve waited so long for this fragrance that It hurts to know that i can only wear It on cooler...

SLBscentSLBscent 2 years ago
Polo Black (Eau de Toilette) - Ralph Lauren

Polo Black (Eau de Toilette) Black??
Somenone that i admire gave it to me today. I didn´t know how it smells. I think that it is a different fragrance. Does not nothing to do with the name "Black". The notes are pure "White"...because i think this has fresh and summery notes. Tomorrow i will...


Exciter76Exciter76 3 years ago
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