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Sangelicca 2 months ago 2

Hot - Cold , Clean - Dirty ...40 shades in Harmony

Very sensual and beautiful.
Definitely a very Musky ,
The Musk here is not clean neither dirty , but alternating.
You feel it as a clean in the opening but during the fragrance evolves it becomes a little dirty and getting a vintage vibe Musc vibe ,
And once you feel the dirty ambers part of the scent , some clean white Musc is returning back to the nose .

It’s a Developing fragrance for sure and someone can feel most of its notes .
There is no dominant here and you have a feeling like there is a same quantity of each one note inside ,
Nothing is coming out , nothing is hidden .
They are all there , like a beautiful painting where all the shades are in balanced in a harmony .

Comparing with the OG Habanita I would say it’s a very little similarity here ,
A sharpness and ambery vintage vibe , and only .

I own and adore 3 versions of Habanita and appreciate each one in it’s different way .

For sure the Lesprit is much easer to wear and smell for even not trained noses , this makes it a very safe blind buy .

The colour of the bottle for me is not representing the scent in 100% , maybe compared with the OG it is much lighter but not as white as it is ,
I would paint a bottle in powder pink or in skin beige as a NRodrigues did as it will be the best representation for the scent ,
But still the white is not bad choose for the fragrance, Matt surface is absolutely correct and represents its velvety and powdery character.

Absolutely unisex fragrance,
On my cold skin it’s getting more cold and sharp , with an untouched skin illusion , but on a male hot skin it would open in all its warm Beaty and sexy way .
The same would happen in cold winter months and a hot summer season .
It’s an easy fragrance- don’t be afraid to blind buy .

Sangelicca 2 months ago 5

Magic Marshroom - the drag for the trained noses
Definitely Honey note in opening that is not listed !
I was blind sniffed this masterpiece and found a honey and beeswax one of the most dominant notes in the opening ,
Then the Marshrooms and earthy notes come out and all of these are rounded with an absolutely amazing chestnut ( cooked chestnut, thick and sweet )
But No , it’s not a Gourmand fragrance at all !
It’s a Masterpiece, that is blended from all these absolutely amazing notes !
Greens are there but they are just posing a role of a complimentary notes , absolutely opposite then someone could believe when seeing the olfactory pyramid.
It is a real Highly Niche Perfumery for trained noses for sure !
I’m in love as with all of Oriza L.Legrand perfumes !
One more in my Wishlist !

Sangelicca 3 months ago 2

Germany smells Modern and expansive
I have been Traveling to Germany very often because of my job , mostly to Munich and Frankfurt and one time on Christmas I mentioned the very special scent that was everywhere around in a Munich Airport , should be a store room perfume or maybe any cleaner .
Also this scent I have catches in some stores here and there .
It was somehow very clean industrial but also very elegant and modern , this scent was making my day and improved the self confidence somehow .
After a few years I was not Traveling to Germany anymore and forgot how does it smell , actually I didn’t remember it at all until one day I was gifted a decant of Babia frm my friend and without knowing the brand at all (had no idea it was even German) I immediately remember the Germany , imagine how surprised was I when discovered it’s a German brand .
That’s why it smells to me absolutely like Germany :
Modern , Clean , Industrial , Complicated and very Elegant and expansive , like a business woman or men , dressed in expansive grey suit and white shirt Traveling in business class with only his / her Mac together.
No smiles , no sweets , no gourmands for my nose .
Gorgeous longevity and projection ,
For sure will wear on business meetings and for Traveling .
Beautiful and doesn’t reminds me anything in the market

Sangelicca 7 months ago 4

The Dust of Angels , A poem of an old woody boudoir
... 19 century, wooden Barroc boudoir, darkness , and only some candles on the walls ... a big golden Mirror and the corset is too tight ,
She takes a big Ancient Silver jar , full of face powder and suddenly the jar is falling down and everything is Dusty , but it’s a Dust of Angels - The Angel’s Dust .

Sangelicca 7 months ago 1

The scent of the happiness
The Signature
The Scent of happiness
Confetto Profumum Roma
It’s like a veil of the bride ?‍♀️
It’s like Sugared Almonds in the tulle
It’s like Fragile Porcelain Card with wishes for whole life that comes true and every day is Happier ...

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