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Scensodine 8 months ago 2

Metallica is a queen
If i only get the chance to hold on to one bottle (of my outrageous 200+ collection) then it would be my today's SOTD.
It is such a versatile perfume and can be worn 24/7 and 365 days of the year.
This is not a perfume it is a warm cozy bed, a friend that comforts you when you feel alone. It makes me feel stronger when i have an important meeting or am fighting against evil thoughts or even evil persons. I get a big smile from ear to ear when i only lift up the top of the bottle and take a sniff of that miracle juice. Feeling a queen when i wear this or does it wear me instead? A fairy tale comes to live, dreams can come true, i believe!!!

Scensodine 8 months ago 1

Treasure juice
This is treasure-juice really!!

It’s like i’m walking through a jungle in the middle of the night. It’s warm but the trees and the flowing water nearby the waterfall keep me from getting stuffy.
You can smell the variety of white and yellow wild flowers and the mouthwatering sweet fruits and the different kind of woods who live there together in harmony and make it feel like paradise. I smell that, somewhere, far from where i walk, there must be a village where the spices of late dinner are still wandering in the air plus a dark dry cocoa vibe

Paradise in a bottle

Walimah by Areej Le Doré

Thank you Russian Adam ❤️

Scensodine 2 years ago 4

Plastic fantastic!
As i adore white flowers, i was so very excited to try this and almost wanted to blind buy a 200ml edt. Good for me that i decided to test it first as my recent blind buys didn't turn out that well, haha!

On me this is a plasticky, cloying, soapy white flower? mess. Both the edt and the edp have that plastic vibe to it and they cause me a headache. I am very fortunate to own the eau de cologne which is light too but natural smelling and just gorgeous. This is a real let down. Wondering how the vintage edt will smell like. On the hunt i go :-)

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