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19.04.2017 19:01 Uhr
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11 Silent Days of Scent

I suppose that if a person gets it into her head to go on a 10-day (really 11-day) Meditation Retreat, but can't go, and decides to turn off the cell and do it at home--if same person picks out 11 days of clothes, she certainly needs 11 days of scent. Yes?

But which are most apropos for om? Being an addict (i.e., a perfumista), I've got a heck of a lot to choose from -- soliflores and solicitruses, soliboises, orientals, chypres, animalics, incense, etc. Though the latter category seems obvious, it doesn't really appeal. Then I thought: going into one's own head for 11 days is bound to conjure both memory and emotion. Why not up the volume?

To whit:

Metal by Pace Rabanne - My scent companion of years in the business world, breaking ground, seeing the world, living life.

"Gold Woman (Eau de Parfum)" by Amouage - Hubby's first gift to me as a perfumista

"Shalimar (Extrait)" - It took a long time and much study to adore it, but eventually this masterpiece irrevocably stole my heart

"White Peacock Lily" by D.S. & Durga - The designer announced it was one of the most beautiful scents of all time and I wholeheartedly agree. It's a tribute to competence and inspiration. Also confidence.

"Infini" by Caron - A classic that still closes my eyes and takes my breath away.

"Misia" by Chanel - A new and accomplished wow of a lipstick perfume

"Chypre de Coty" - Childhood memories evoked by this reference Chypre

"Jasmin Impératrice Eugénie" - My first Jasmine love

"Une Rose" from Frederick Malle - The most realistic and bodacious rose I own. Makes me want to dance the flamenco with a rose in my teeth.

"Jardins de Bagatelle" - I actually cried when I first smelled it. It made me a fan of Jean Paul Guerlain.

"Roja" (Haute Luxe) by Roja Dove - It remains the greatest perfume I've ever smelled

"New Sibet" by Slumberhouse - This one triggered awareness of the creativity bursting forth from niche designers in high quality perfumes using mostly natural ingredients. White Peacock Lily is another example. Also Chêne.

Chêne by Serge Lutens - Couldn't leave this darling out; it's the best woody perfume ever. I'll wear it the day after.

That's it. For 11 days I vow to plumb the depths of inner space while eating vegan and smelling great! As Coco Chanel said, "A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future." Guess I'm safe, but if you don't hear from me, let me know.

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