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Musc (Eau de Parfum) - Molinard

Musc (Eau de Parfum) Best niche woody oriental in its price bracket
Molinard Musc is a perfume I gifted to myself for my birthday in 2019. It was also my first touch with the great and old house of Molinard from Grasse, France. What attracted me the most about Musc was the affordability...

ScentGrailScentGrail 2 months ago
Leather Blend - Davidoff

Leather Blend Best Davidoff Fragrance
In the search for the perfect leather scent, we often ignore those outliers from the “smaller” brands in favor of the big guns of the perfume world. One of those examples, when David beats Goliath, is today’s star of the show – Davidoff...


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